Product Info

** CS2005 Systemic Cu.Fungicide from MagnaBon is the only Systemic Copper available today for fighting disease in all fruit and vegetable crops. If someone is telling you there’s no such thing, it’s because they are uninformed and they really need to try harder to keep up.  Please check out the ‘research news’ portion of the MagnaBon web site….and call me with questions…..616-678-7706 …Ron

** Ridge Formula II-SW is the only FoliarPhosphite products available that contains North Atlantic Cold-Processed-Seaweed. Our ”phite” is a higher percentage A.I. than most  other phite products on the market that are labeled as EPA registered fungicides, while ours has the Nutritional Label offering you more flexibility in your over-all plant-health program.  Click on Custom Ag Formulators’ logo on the “Links” page for more information on this product and the other great products we can offer you.

** Look at all your PGR needs including the GibbAcids, ethephon, Thinning products and many more….all at radical savings…..all by clicking on the FineAmericas logo in “Links”. These guys are saving Growers a ton of input costs. Call me for cost-factors. 616-678-7706 …Ron

—Need Bumblebees??  There is still time to order your bumblebees, BUT the window is closing fast!  If you have any questions about bumblebees or how to use the quad hives please contact Deanna at 616-678-7708 or Koppert Biological Systems at 1-800-928-8827.  There is a helpful link to Koppert Biological on the “Links” page as well.  **Orders must be placed with Deanna ASAP though!