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Fruit Ridge Notes – Tree Fruit – Tuesday – March 21 – 2017

Hi Every Body,
Yesterday was the First Day of Spring. 
Fore-casted for the next few days ….  the Highs & Lows [from one source] —*F— 47/20 –  37/19  – 45/36 –  58/41 –  46/28 –  53/43  56/40  —Seems almost normal.
The sketchy part for Apple Guys is that dreaded chance of a 60*F Rain…  which usually has a fairly rapid ‘Green-Response’  …??  One Fore-Cast-source mentioned that ‘warm rain’ possibility for this coming weekend.😖
For battling any-all Bacterial Diseases in All Stone Fruits ….  Peach Leaf Curl and Bacterial Canker and also all Fungal Diseases, the CS2005 Systemic Copper is the product of choice why ??  Because it delivers unsurpassed disease control for less cost per acre. You need 1 Qt-Acre….Using whatever water you want, but preferably not over 50 GWA.
That performance, that our Smart Money Guys around here and in N.Y. and now the PNW have grown accustomed to, is why Dr. Jim Adaskavich–U-C-Davis, ramrodded our California Registration thru so expeditiously, when he realized CS2005 was achieving 99% control of the ”copper-resistant” bacterial-disease pathogen in his Trials while other coppers were performing worse than the ”untreated-check-rows” …..  just incredible.
But of course our competitors here [that do not have CS2005 to sell] still say  …   ”There’s nuthin in it.”  😉
The Dead-Line for you getting your Email sent in telling me your Best-Guess for theFirst Certified by Amy Scab Infection 2017 at the Sparta-Station-Ridge’….is this FridayMarch 24   ….and the Prize for the Winner this Season a 2 x 2.5 gal. case of CS2005 [5g.]  ….  over $250 Value.
​All the Best  …..r​

Fruit Ridge Notes – Blueberries – March 21 – Tuesday

Hey Guys & Gals ….   
Lots of pruning and chopping going on these days. Here’s hoping most of you are done with that and ready and waiting for the next move.
Some popular Herbicide choices for your consideration include …. 
*Aim  –  *AvengerAG [for Organic production]  –  *Chateau [*Tuscany-gn]  *Simazine  –  *Sinbar  –  *Solicam  – 
              *Paraquat 3SL  –  *Diuron[Karmex]80DF  –  *Callisto4EC  –  *Matrix  
We have very Competitive pricing on these …Example–Like when we found Tuscany [generic Chateau] it saved apprx 30%. 😁
Also consider using ‘Clethodim 2EC’ for grasses that escape …like in mid-late-June…?  …and again post-harvest if needed…really cheap.
Also …make sure you don’t get stuck with ”’Gramoxone”’ 👎 …a 2lb.-ga.A.I. paraquat… that under-performs while costing more per gallon to purchase than our 3 lb.-Gal.-A.I. Paraquat 3SL. 👍
Ours really works….theirs really does not…and theirs cost nearly twice as much per treated acre to use….based on last years costing-reports.😖
We highly Un-Recommend any Glyphosates in Blues ….  Please consider staying with the ‘Rely 280SL’ type products instead of the ’round-ups’…. We have those at very competitive prices.
Whenever we see any Green tissue exposed on the Blues we will start our 1 Qt.-Ac.- CS2005 for control of Bacterial and Fungal Diseases. Also look at tank-mixing Propiconazole[Tilt] at 6 oz-Ac. This is a S.I.Fungicide like Indar, but not quite as strong anymore….  But !!! Tank-Mixing it with CS2005 really covers all the bases….and for less than $17 – Ac for both–total ??  Indar is around $13 but does not help against Canker and Phytophthora.
Most Blues Boys in the SW part of the State are saying they’re at the Bud Swell Growth stage……  a warm rain maybe could get them busy …??
Hope to Talk Soon !!
Wishing You All the Best ! ! !        

Fruit Ridge Notes – March 16, 2017 – Thursday

Hello & Best Regards to All !!!​
……  Lovin this Winter Weather !!   Spring officially starts this coming Monday–Mar.20th.
The 1st Green Apps on Apple normally start 4 weeks from now … based on a 30 Yr-Avg. 
If the 1st-Crack-Green App coincides with a nasty Scab Infection in Apples, I believe ‘Capto-Zeb’ is by far the strongest Scab-Control plan…   3 lb.EBDC plus 2 lb. Captan 80WDG = CaptoZeb
That’s 1/2 rate of each product. Any of the EBDCs will work fine.
CaptoZeb wont help for FireBlight concerns…  not early on or later on. But 1 Qt.CS2005-Acre Tank-Mixes just fine with CaptoZeb. 
In our Trials … Using our ”1-2-3” TankMix we have been thru some very fierce Scab situations and came thru spotlessly clean. But we were always ahead of it…every time.
”Fruit-Coda-Phone” number is 616-632-7868   ….same as last year.
Keeping a clean Weed-Control-Strip ……Getting good early weed control helps keep Nutritional costs down in a Fine-Tuned Program, where guys document results….. Very important in your Production Blocks and NonBearing Blocks.
Some popular fave products labeled for both bearing and non-bearing….   *Aim  *Chateau  *Solicam  *Surflan  *Paraquat 3SL  *Prowl  *Matrix ….and for several of these we promote the ‘generic’ chemistries that are legally labeled for our MI. Crops….Saves on some input costs. OnLine shoppers need to be watchful for ‘State’ and the ‘Crop’ when looking for deals on generics. Every year somebody gets an unpleasant surprise with that scenario.
There is a long list of other Herbicides that we also carry  ….Please check with us.
And I see Researcher Alicandro is reminding us to put the ‘VitaZyme’ BioStimulant in the Weed-Control TankMix also …because it has for several years improved Nutrient Use Efficiency in every crop we work with.
“VitaZyme has been Lab-Evaluated and Field-Proven to stimulate activity of beneficial Soil Microbes and to improve Orchard Crop Productivity.”   
When you add 1 Pt-Ac VitaZyme per treated acre-weed-control-strip, it pencils only apprx $3 per orchard acre cost…… “Field Proven”. Cost-Effective. Alicandro has been watching this stuff for 10 years.
Also plan to get some VZ onto the Roots of New Trees before you plant. Great Results.
A 275-Ac.-Grower goes thru a pallet of VZ in a season. Ask Deanna or me about Pallet-Purchase-Discounts.
Things are still kinda tight down in the SouthWest Corner as well. But one guy just told me a 60*F Rain will cause him to start his ”1st Crack-Green” appln on Apple. Cherries are also tight down there. Grapes are a long way out before needing any attention.
Praying Blessings to All Ya’s ….   Enjoy the Winter while it lasts !!

Fruit Ridge Notes – Monday – March 13 – 2017

Warm Greetings to All Ya’s  …..
Sounds like some Folks have some shingles to replace…??  Sweet Fancy Moses it was windy last week !!! 
Now at least we’re trending some Grower-Friendly Weather.
Looking ahead  ….  It sure looks like Product-Pricing-Cost-Factors are staying reasonably close to 2016. Actually, several older products actually went down in cost….and some not-so-old ones as well ….some that we will be able to save you some costs.
Some Guys talking ‘Dormant’ Sprays are actually referring to the 1st ”Crack-Green” App. 
Whether or not we have any Scab-Infection pressure when we go with our 1st-2nd-3rd-4th Alternate Centers starting at 1st-Crack-Green, we will be going with 1 Qt-Ac. CS2005 …..and adding 3 lb.EBDC just to have something on to redistribute with rain. We do this for 4 Alt.Centers to get 2 full apps of CS2005 on at 1 Qt.-Ac….thus getting our 2 Qts. total-per-Ac.
Some Guys successfully put a FoliarPhosPhite in the tank instead of a ‘EBDC’ knowing that after that Phite does it’s Fungicidal work, it phases into the Nutritional advantages within the plant.
​Our own superior ‘Phite’ ​is called FormulaII SW, containing 4% NovaScotian Seaweed…   and ours has a’Nutritional’ Label instead of a EPA ‘FungicideLabel’ …for less Book-Keeping…..and if you seriously want a ‘Fungicide’ Label on your Phite, we do have one…. the absolute best value on that one as well. 
With Phites you get what you pay for when looking at Fungicidal Activity, while mostly all of them are good Nutrition…. but some pencil very pricey for just the Nutrients with lackluster Fungicidal activity. We use 3-4 Pts Formula II-SW–Acre …Years of research prove it doesn’t get any better for ‘cost per efficacy’ in all categories. 
Using the right Phites isnt costly …. $11 ?? …for the 3 Pt.Rate…???  Not using Phites is costly.
After we get plenty of Green Tissue exposed to ‘catch it’…we like to add 1 Qt.Rate-Ac. Regalia a couple of Apps… to also help against all Diseases including FireBlight. That makes the “1-2-3-Tank-Mix” complete…. 
…. thats “1 Pt.CS2005 + 2 Pt.Regalia + 3 Pt.Formula II-SW. Many of you continue to prove every year how that keeps you out of the crazy expensive commonly accepted FireBlight Protection Sprays.
Researchers concur that Phites and Coppers and Regalia all are fighting F.Blight as ”Bacteriacides”…..  Quite critical really, with Strep getting weaker and weaker.
CS2005 from MagnaBon in this 1-2-3 also helps control the Black Rot and White Rot Fungal Pathogens in your older blocks.
This ”1-2-3” is also a really great performer for all Bacterial Diseases in Stone Fruits, Grapes, and Blueberries. The CS2005 and the Regalia are OMRI Listed for all the Organic Production Guys.
CS2005 will Tank-Mix just fine with any ‘Oils’ you may want to use; but we never recommend any Oils of any kind….  ever. We have Zero Oils in any of our Tank-Mixes….ever.  Never. I feel it raises the risk of Fruit-Bud-Damage, weakens it for Frost Damage…  and promotes Russetting. 
Please call with questions – concerns ….or reply on this.

​Praises and ThanksGiving be raised for this more Favorable Weather !!!​  Thank You Lord !!!

-Fruit Ridge Notes – Wednesday – February 22, 2017-

Hello to All….
I ran outta time yesterday …..   I wanted to Thank All of You that made it to our Grower Meetings last Week……    Some of Ya’s in the Ridge …Others in the S.W.Michigan area, and still more at the Traverse City Venue. 
Over 300 total Attendees enjoying nearly $84,000 worth of Prizes, Thanks mainly to Eric Massey and “Front-Site Arms Training Institute” donating a Life-Time Ambassador Membership valued at $25,000 at each of our 3 Meetings !!!!!  Crazy Awesome.
More on this stupid Weather …..Nerve wracking. But remember… In 2012 we had 2 weeks of highs in the 80sF* with nighttime lows in the 60s……so this aint so bad???
And,  If you want to compare 2017 to the last 5 years, you can easily select the “Degree-Day Comparisons: Last 5 Years at this Station.” …at the HomePage of EnviroWeather WebSite ….any WeatherStation you want almost.
​The SW Michigan Spring Peach Meeting is convening at 9amMarch 2nd.​

-Fruit Ridge Notes – Tuesday – February 21 – 2017-

 Greetings to You from Fruit Ridge Avenue !
So sorry for my lack of communication the last several weeks. I had some Health Issues and this is literally my 1st day in the office to actually work on anything since Dec. 27th – 2016 !! Sorry.
The main discussion is of course the crazy Weather. And there certainly are some viable concerns in certain geographics. 
Smart Money is reviewing the Equipment CheckList for the 2nd time … and making sure he has the right Pesticide Products in place by a projected ‘DueDate’ ……   a date that you may want to / need to adjust to an earlier time-frame.
The Smart Money program early, when considering how to come out of the gates against F.Blight and Scab and all Diseases on Apples …..   Be sure the 1st 2 Apps [4 Alt.Centers] include 1 Qt.-Acre CS2005 Systemic Cu.Fungicide / Bactericide. This starts at ”1st Crack Green”…..  Smart money doesnt wait for a Scab Infection. 
Using a Monday and a Thursday for the ‘Alternate Center Apps’ target days is a common practice.
After the 1st 2 weeks of First-Green Sprays, we have 2 Covers / 4 alt-Center-Apps …. and our 2 Qts total CS2005 is on. 
If you have have serious Apple Scab Infection pressures during this time-frame and want to add Captan or a EBDC or CaptoZeb to your CS2005, they all Tank-Mix very fine with CS2005.
Your GWA can be 10 gal on up to 40 or 50 gallons…. just so we get good thorough coverage. Remember that early on we really don’t need a lot of water for coverage or for irrigation either. 😉
…..and Yes Indeed ….  Thank You so Much for all Your Prayers and the Get-Well-Cards and Calls and Visits  ….Really. Thank You. I am gettn a bit stronger every day. 
And ….Deanna and Matthew and Nancy and Alicia have been so incredible in staying ahead of every thing ….just amazing. I am feeling to hugely Blessed.
Thank You All …..and may our All-Powerful Triune God get us thru this Wacko-Weather !!


-Sept. 20, 2016-

Greetings Blues Pals ….    
            The last of the 2016 Crop is almost all in the Lug …..Some guys still have a few to go. 
The real-Old-Fashion-Summer-heat–high-Temps were nobody’s friend ….except for my GrandBeautyBabyBlessings …..    High 80’s ….Lots of Sunshine ….Perfect for hangin out at the Swimmin-Hole. 
And several Days hit the Big 90*   …..Kinda reminds me of when I was a kid.
So  ….In the last 4-5-6 Days….Much discussion and several good questions on *What-To and *How-To …with the Post-Harvest–Fall-Herbicides-Choices & Applications…..  
     In my dialogue with Smart Money and the Experts on this issue, the consensus is that there is way to much Grass-Weed-Foliage in many places to really get a good ”PreEmergent-Herbicide” to get down into the TopSoil where it needs to be to prevent Weed+Grass-Seeds from germinating. So the traditional-convenient-time-saving practice of tank-mixing the ”BurnDowns” and the ”Pre-EmergenceProducts” is being questioned, and alternatives being explored.
    Smart Money is going thru with Glufosinate 280SL [Rely] to scorch the Target…   and plans to come back thru before Winter sets in to do a PreEmergeChemistry.
     Please consider these Input-Factors & Reminders   …..
*BurnDowns are the Glyphosates and Glufosinates[280SLs] and the ParaQuats ….These have no ‘PreEmergent’ qualities….But the *Glys and the *Glufos products actually kill out most of the roots of the Targets, while ParaQuats only burn the heck out of the tops ….
*A few years back, a new 2lb.-Ga.A.I. technology of the ParaQuats came along, and has disappointed all the users I know. If you have some of the 2lb stuff that you’re stuck with, use 3-4 pint – Acre to get the same efficacy as 2 pt of our ParaQuat 3SL. The real bummer here for the 2Lb.A.I. guys is that they paid more per Gal. to buy it than the good stuff sells for per gal.  
*Several good ‘PreEmerge’ prodcts to consider for a few weeks out …..    
          **Chateau …Use Generic Tuscany…Much less cost. Consider saving that tool for next mid-season as it offers a 7 Da.PHI
          **A strong consideration should be SolicamDF ..a 60 Da.PHI   …We are lookn for a Generic…
          **An ancient chemistry….   Sinbar ….still works. Use real low-rate… like 12-14 oz-Treated-Acre
          **Simazine 4L or 90DF …Good old chemistry….   LowCost… Allowed 4 Qts-Season. 2 Apps @ 2 Qt-ea…Cheap. 0 Da.PHI
          **And Diuron …..   60 years back called Karmex…. Good one. LowCost… Use 2 – 4 Lb-ac….60 Da.PHI
          **A serious look is to be given to Callisto …Why? …a new Generic gets the cost way down ….Also has some ”BurnDown Action”
          **Aim2EC has some ‘BurnDown’ attributes….Very cost-competitive…Good on Broadleaves
*For pesky WoodyBriarBrambleTarget pests, Consider Spot-Treatments of Velpar L …Apply in very early Spring….You need to be done with Velpar Apps by end of March…a 90 Da.PHI. Deanna has 
       a ”Inventory-Clearance-Sale” coming up real soon on Velpar…. Great Low-Cost-Factor. Let us know of your needs….   1st Come—1st Served. 
Also coming soon ….  a serious ”’Sale”’ on Sinbar. Call us with your needs ….  1st Come — 1st Served ….
Consider….  If you use big Water-per-Acre in your Weed-Sprays, you may be able to get the PreEmergeChemistries down to that TopSoil even where the WeedGrassFoliage is thick+dense…??  ….so you say ”But the BurnDownProducts dont like a high-gal-water-dilution.”  So….  choose a couple PreEmerge chemistries that also bring some BurnDownActivity. This could/should bring back your ”OnePass” option. And historically most Guys are pretty pleased with the results when the snow goes away.  Just a thot … and the right choice of Surfactant will make a huge impact as well.
Warmest Regards ….r

-Sept. 19, 2016-

Apples – Mon. Sept. 19, 2016

Greetings All …..  Hope You had a Great Week End …..   the Harvest seems to be getting along quite handily. There’s some beautiful stuff out there.
We have received some very fun Feed-Back referencing ”Blush” on Honey Crisp. On those Hi-Valu-Varieties, the R.O.I. is just crazy good.   
Remember to get Blush on your Fuji as soon as possible. 
     ***Yes….the 1 Pint VitaZyme-Ac. with the Blush App seems to help … as does  ***1 – 2 lbs-Ac. DiKaP. 
Researchers and Growers alike have found several cool little tricks  to enhance Color and Pressure and Brix….in the Same Tank — Same App.
Any Retain Apps should go on after the 1st Appln-Blush….even if only 2-3-4 days apart.
Because the Retain really makes for a Color-Drag, we need to give the Blush a jump on it.
Any Fire-Blight-Susceptible Blocks where Harvest is complete … and the Non-Bearing stuff…. and your Nurseries…. All should be getting a good shot of the only Systemic Copper-Bactericide-Fungicide on the market — the CS2005 from MagnaBon. Use 1 Qt in 50 GWA….  Which is only $5-Ac for some of the Acres that need it.
About 3-4 months back there was considerable concern with F.Blight in too many Spots, following a seemingly easy F.Blight-Spring. 
We made dozens of ph.calls to Growers that had purchased significant amounts of CS2005 to see how they doing with F.Blight issues. Of those that responded we had nearly 4000 Acres treated with CS2005 and about 75 Acres where they wished they had used the Full-Program early. 
I am hoping that nearly all the Growers with ‘Issues’ responded…. ???  … and that maybe the ‘No-Response’ guys didn’t have enuf F.Blight issues deserving any discussion ….??? If that be the case, CS2005 is right there at a 99% Success-Satisfaction Rating.
Also… any Post-Harvest Trips made now …or soon, should include the BoronXtra and ZincRush and the VitaZyme. These all get along perfectly fine together in the Tank-Mix. 
And please take an extra minute to see attached….. Have a Safe Week ….r

-Aug 17, 2016-

Apples – Wednesday Aug. 17, 2016

Hump-Day-HighLights …..
***** We have the best quality Aluminum Super-Duty-Tri-Pod Ladders ….the ”’Strathmore”’ ….Available in 7-8-9-10-12 Footers. 
                   There’s been quite a run on those ….We will be placing another Order yet this Week…. Please let us know of your Needs ….
***** We still have some Blush and some of the InSpray 90 to go with it…..   and Retain with the SIL-Fact to go with it.
           Remember–Blush came way down in cost….And…It really works great on Gala-Fuji-JonaGold-PinkLady-HoneyCrisp….
                    …..and most all Bi-Colored Varieties ….
                 If you use Retain, you really need to look seriously at getting Blush on ahead of it.
***** A 1 Pt-Ac App of VitaZyme anytime like 15-25 DBH is a serious-but-common-Smart-Money-Move
***** The Redox product ”DiKap” is very popular right now….Use as a Foliar @ 2lb-Ac. = Growers that have done this 1 year ago and 2 years ago are doing it again now …and are expecting the same serious enhancements in Fresh-Pack-Quality. Watch where you put it….leave a check. Pretty fun.
***** PickingBuckets ….Yes…the NeopreneClassics we have handled for a very long time,…   and also the new YeildMax PrimoBuckets that Lindsay Alicandro-Lamora imports from New Zealand  …We have both.
                 ~~~ Also, Ask me about some of those imported YeildMax that are slightly used [1 partial-season] that are available at a discounted price~~~
Sweet Fancy Moses ….    Some Guys are gettin after the Paula Reds already ….   

Wishing Safety and Best of Luck to All !

-Aug 16, 2016-

Blueberries – Tuesday Aug. 16, 2016

Greetings Blues Faves ….
We have enjoyed some beautiful and much needed Rains here on Michigans West Side…..    and on the flip-side… they came at a vulnerable stage of Maturity in the Eliotts variety. We can typically expect some serious levels of Splitting in the fruit.
Hopefully you have your ”BluGuard” applied to prevent cracking …. as it provides a protective shield against water absorption  …
While the normal rate is 2 Qts-Ac. at Vulnerable-Fruit-Maturity Stage….and repeat at 7-10days….   MBGs Horticulturalist John Ed advises using 4 Qts with 50-60 gallon-water-acre.
***BluGuard can only be applied with AirBlast type Sprayer
***Apply only to dry Bushes
***24 hours of drying time is required for full-optimum-protection
***BluGuard can be applied at 7-10 Day Intervals
Please let us know of your BluGuard needs…. 616-887-9933  ….  We will get it there asap.
Just a quick reminder —  Using BluGuard
***Follow Label Instructions.
***Make sure there’s no left-behind-crud in the tank.
***Do not add any Surfactants or Adjuvants to your Tank.
***If you want to add a Pesticide to this Appln, don’t get to wild & crazy …..   Please Check with me.
          I really like *OxiDate 2.0 in the Tank with BluGuard….and there are some other things that go in perfectly fine….   while some are very ill-advised.
          Example: Low-Rates *CS2005 and MustangMaxx [or Hero] are fine ….The *Formula I [or II-SW] is also fine.
      But …. any products that could leave a visible residue are highly Un-Recommended.
Thanks ….r

-Aug 14, 2016-


This crazy heat certainly impacts the natural Coloring process….  

Remember…    the ”’Blush”’ from FineAmericas is 33% less in per-acre-cost this year….Thnx to Fines new Marketing-Approach 
Use Blush at 52 oz-Acre with extra-great Coverage ….  Absorption and Coverage is Key….  Use a good-top-quality-NIS-90-10 like *Regulaid–*Activator 90 — *InSpray-90  ….
     ….. a per-100 gal. rate of 20 oz InSpray-90 is good….24 oz – 100 is maybe better. And remember Blush likes slow-drying.
We promote InSpray-90 because that is the one we can save you the mo$t money on…. 
Never use more than 100 GWA with Blush….Remember any Spray Solution that runs off does zero good. Only the Blush that stays on the Fruit surface is going to make Red color.
The Best-Ever results reported to has been the Guys that get on with a 52 oz.Ac.Appln Blush early-on, when the ‘natural-coloring’ is already trying to start and evident    ….and then follow up with a 2nd App @ 52 oz… or 7 – 14 Days after the 1st Blush App….. just before the 1st ‘Retain’ Appln…..   Works really Great.
And should you be looking at Additional Applns of Solar-Protectant-SunScald-Prevent ….  ??? 
Al$o—-Deanna ha$ found a really $weet Deal on Retain…..  Pls call 616-887-9933 …..or 616-678-7706   ….or 616-826-5104     
Excellent question …..   and I feel calls for a Clarification …..
**Blush does not like a SiliconeSurfactant in with it ….because the silicones are such excellent Spreader-Wetter-Runners, that when we use the additional GWA to get the primo-thorough coverage we want with Blush, the silicones tend to run-off to Drip….  and the drip is to be avoided with Blush.
**The best results achieved with Retain is when there’s a Silicone in the Tank….normally keeping with your regular ‘Gallons-Water-Acre’ [GWA]
**The NonIonicSurfactant”90-10” I mention to use with Blush are the TopShelfQuality NISs…….
        The most popular low-priced NISs are 80-20s. When they clean up a 80-20 by taking out some of the cheap ‘Inerts’ and adding in more of the pricey ‘Good-Stuff’ they get a ”90-10NIS” …..Like Regulaid and Activator-90 and InSpray-90. 
We like and promote the InSpray-90 because thats the one we can source and position where it saves you around 30% on the per-gallon-price.
**We also have a SiliconeSurfactant called ‘SilFACT’ that pencils some savings for you…..    Unless the Big National Retailers have lowered their Retail-Price again…???
          And we have a rare OMRI Listed–Organic Production Approved Silicone-Surfactant called ‘Broad-Spred-Green’ that is priced very usable…..   Rare because good Surfactants for Organic Guys are very few and normally very high-priced.
 Yup—Surfactants are only Pennies-on-the-Dollar when looking at the per-acre-costs of PGRs like Blush…and Retain …. But when the 200 Ac.Grower takes a few minutes in December to add up all the Line-Item-Costs of all the ‘Surfactants’ and ‘Adjuvants’ and Oils and all Tank-Mix-Helper-Additives he was Invoiced for thru-out the previous growing season, he is always really surprised.
We simply try to lessen the level of surprise.
  Tis Friday ….  Tis Warm out …   Hmmm ….

God is Great  ….   Beer is good  …..    Cold Beer that is…..r

-July 26, 2016-

Apples – July 26, 2016
Hello from Kent Citys Warm & Steamy West-Side …
     …This Weather Pattern if pretty rough on this old fat man ….  
We have some spectacular good news to share….if you haven’t already heard….   the Per-Gallon cost of Blush came down a lot, as FineAmericas wants to make it feasible for all Growers to use Blush!!
Fine has reduced the GrowerCost by $100 per gallon !!!  This is Huge !!
Researchers and Growers that have been using & watching Blush for several years tell us the Varieties on which Blush has been especially effective are Fujis, Braeburns, JonaGolds and Galas. There is never any Blush-related effects on Fruit-Maturity, Firmness, or storage quality….Zero ill-effects….  an increase in Brix has been frequently but inconsistently noted….Nothing we can brag on.
Timing & Rates for Best Blush Performance:
1st Appln should be made when the ‘natural’ coloring has begun…normally around 35 days before anticipated Harvest Date [DBH]. This hot ugly weather may retard that a bit…?? This timing of course depends on the Variety you’re looking at.
Use 52 oz-Ac. in 50 – 100 GWA., which is 200-400 ppm. Never use more than 100 GWA. Blush likes Slow-Drying. Always use a good quality 90-10 NIS to help with absorption…like InSpray-90, Activator-90, or Regulaid.
The 2nd Appln should be 7-14 days after the 1st App.
Never apply less than 200ppm [52 oz in 100 gal.]  The consensus has been that results are more favorable when applied in the higher concentrations. If you get really good coverage with 50 – 70 gwa, it seems that is the sweet-spot….with 52 oz-Blush-Acre. Blush is only Active on the fruit surface…Better coverage….Better results.
Blush has proved to be a huge ‘pay-back’ where Growers have used Retain. Retain is an awesome tool for harvest planning, but frequently causes a costly color drag. Getting Blush on before Retain makes a big difference.
Best results always seem to be where the 2nd Appln of Blush is on before the ’21-DBH’ … and the label says ”7-Da.PHI” ….and while Some of you have shown me impressive Results-Photo’s of Blush Apps done 6-7-8 days before picking, Fine says that is a ‘fluke’ …. 
Either one of these Blush Apps makes for a ‘Fine’ ride for your PreHarvest App ofVitaZyme….  1 Pt-Ac….rides along just Fine.
Please call me with any questions….  Thnx
Geeesch ……
Can’t believe it….   My Bad.
On the Honey Crisp….  the Variety that so many of you have made hugely more $$$ return$-per-Acre by using Blush ….  and I forget to mention it with the Fujis-Etc….
Yes—Of course —by all means — Blush works exceptionally well on Honeys… many of you have had just crazy good results compared to untreated-check. And some of you are now even putting a small-rate-Retain back into the 2nd-Blush-Appln-Tank…. 
Blush has had somewhat limited success on the ”Mac-Type” varieties….but with that said, I know of cases where it has looked really good….just not so consistently.  
And yes…the Cost ….    Previously Blush was always over $300 – per-  Gal……   and now is a hair over $200-gallon. Fine dropped the cost $100 per gallon.
Sorry for the Brain F_ _ _…….r

-June 21, 2016-

Blueberries — Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hey Blues Boys ….  

   I just hung up from an enlightening call from some BluesBoys in NorthEast OR., where some are now in their 1st picking of some Varieties….  
So…Here’s the thing on the BluGuard…..   some huge ”Bullet-Points” of critical importance to you Michigan Blues Boys  ….
**The Harvest Workers there get paid based on what Fruit actually makes it into the ‘ClamShell’
**The heat there is awful…the Berries really suffer
**The Workers can’t make any money on the normal mushy-soft-fruit….and some of the early-matured fruit have fallen to the ground already.
**The BluGuard-Treated Fruit is firm – plump – lots of it is ready – has integrity – none of it has hit the ground…the ClamShells are fillin-up fast.
**The one Grower had 32 Harvest Workers in a field of un-treated…they were very very unhappy…ready to bolt. He moved them to a BluGuard treated field. They hit it hard…made real money. The next morning he had 70 Workers there right at it early ….makin serious money….fillin ClamShells.
There is no other product like BluGuard from Cultiva. They own it. They bought the technology from OregonStateUniv….Cultiva also has basically the same technology for Cherries called Parka… and for Apples called Pomcho.
I agree with their recommendation to add a 1%v.v.OxiDate 2.0 to this application. Researchers have called this a Smart Money move. 
Do 1st app as soon as Berries are susceptible to cracking….do 2nd App 7 days later
Do 2 Qt-acre each App. 
Use sufficient water for thorough absolutely complete 100% coverage….  to me that means slow down a bit.
Dont use any adjuvants or surfactants with this appln
The BluesBrother using 50 GWA is dumping into the Tank 2 Qt-Ac BluGuard plus 2 qt-ac.OxiDate 2.0 and his 12-16 VitaZyme. 
You running a 400 ga.Tank?   Doing 50GWA??   You’re dumping in 4g.BluGArd + 4g.OxiDate 2.0 + 1 g.VitaZyme.
You guys all know or have heard of ”John Ed” …???   Down in S.E.Georgia …?? Does research work for MBG…???  He says Smart Money uses BluGuard. He has the data to prove it…..which hopefully you have all seen and heard and remember from our Winter Meetings…last Feb.
I think the time for that 1st application is comin up real soon for some of you in the south end of Michigan …???
As  mentioned above …..  this is a very nice ride for your 12 – 16 oz.Ac. PreHarvest VitaZyme. 
And if you’re struggling with disease issues, you can safely add cs2005 Systemic Bactericide/Fungicide to the Tank at 12-16 oz-Ac….  3 – 4 Qts–8 ac.Tank.
Wishing You All the Best !!!

-June 14, 2016-

Grapes — Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello Vineyard Friends ….
We enjoyed a nice little shower here yesterday and again this early AM. Really needed it in several spots around the Ridge. And it sounds like some of our Grape Pals in the SW Corner are getting dry now also.
   ….  Looking at Controls for Phomopsis, BlackRot, PowderyMildew ……   Whenever-Wherever we have Guys seriously doing the 1-2-3 we are looking squeaky-clean.
Some of the best results reported are those Growers using the 2 Early-Applications of 1 Qt. CS2005 plus 2 Qts FormulaII-SW ….very early Season….. 2 Apps.

   …. Then going into the 1 Pt-CS2005+++2 Pt.Regalia+++3 Pt.FormulaII-SW. That’s the same Attack-Strategy many Smart Money Apple Guys and BlueBerry Guys are doing now….some for 2-3-4 Years now… and they stay squeaky-clean for the entire season….no FireBlight issues


or any other Uglies from the other 9 or 10 Diseases that M.S.U. warns them to stay ahead of all Summer long.

   …. This 1-2-3 delivers to your Vineyard all *Systemic-*Bactericides-*Fungicides plus a nice little poke of *Phosphourous and also *Potassium and a Tickle of Cold-Processed-North-Atlantic-*SeaWeed Extract…   All for about $31-Ac.??!!??!!
And yet ….  I just recently had a Guy from the SW Corner ask me for a price on a Fungicide that is used at 14 oz.-Ac….. I think it works well, but my gripe is the $60+++$ per-ac.-cost….  for 1 Fungicide. And there’s another Product that is recommended at 23 oz-Ac.for Botrytis…. $$65$$ or more per Ac. I highly un-recommend those.
Some GrapeBerry Moth concerns currently …..  There’s a long-list of great choices….  Of course I like the ones that are only a few$$$per-acre….  And the Broad-Spectrum-Nukes that do a lot for a reasonable fee….. Here’s some Faves —with the  *Rate-Acre & *Apprx.Cost-Acre & *Da.P.H.I.
Imidan           2Lb      $21        *14 Da.PHI
Lannate         1Lb       $28       *14
Brigade          6oz       $5          *30
Danitol         10oz      $14        *21
Hero              8oz       $9          *30
Baythroid      3oz      $4           *3  ****
MustngMaxx 4 oz    $3.50     *1  ****
                                   ****  Save these for SWDs at PreHarvest  …You’re allowed 4 Apps @ 3.2 oz Baythroid and 6 Apps @ 4 oz. MustangMaxx per Season Total
……….And don’t forget to check out the Imidacloprid4F ….Whenever you see a fairly new Neonic recommended in the MSU-E-154, always check out Agrian WebSite forImidacloprid 4F. You Grape Guys are only allowed 3.2oz-Season-Acre….  2 applns @ 1.6 oz. …. 0 Da.PHI.  Each App is only $1.10. So absolutely MaxOut your 2 Apps of 1.6oz.
………Also AgriMek[Abamectin-0.15EC] RUP Use 12-16 oz-Ac for $6 – $8.00 ...28 Da.PHI —  gets Hoppers–Moths–Skeletonizer–Mites. Be sure to check AgrianWebSite and get a Abamectin product labeled for Michigan. Also be sure to use a top-shelf-excellent-premium-quality-90-10-N.I.S. with the Abamectin 0.15EC .…  Never use any Oils …Ever. The best Choices for the Best NIS-90-10’s are….
 *InSpray-90 ….  *Activator-90 …..  *Regulaid.
    …..   I feel the InSpray-90 is the best choice…As it enhances the ‘Quality-of-Life’ for all of my Fave Grower Friends. Why?? Because of the per-gal.-sell-price, they $ave enuf $$$ every week to take their Lovely Bride out for a classy Dinner on the WeekEnd ….   Happy Wife–Happy Life.
    We emphatically intensely highly Un-Recommend any use of any Oils ever. The closest thing we ever get to anything that some guys might refer to as a ”’Oil”’ is theORO-Agri product-line-up…. derived from a specific ‘Orange-Peel’ …which works well for us as a Miticide-Fungicide-Insecticide-Penetrant….   Some Guys have called it Orange-Oil….   But it is not an Oil. We know this because we regularly Tank-Mix it with all of our Fave Products….All of the time…  Sometimes 10 – 12 or more Products into the same Tank-Mix…Including Captans, FoliarPhosphite, Redox Nutrients, CS2005-Systemic Copper, Regalia, Products in SoluBags, Borons, ZincRush-9……absolutely all of the above.
   We always simply replace any need for any labeled recommendations for any Oils with 20-24 oz-per-100-Gal InSpray-90.
Warmest Regards from Fruit Ridge Avenue …..   Here on the West Side of Beautiful DownTown Kent City…..
…PS……  Please mark your Calendar for the ”’Fruit Ridge Fest”’ Appreciation Party onJuly 22….4th Friday – July….Here at 14050 Fruit Ridge Ave. Details to Follow.


-June 10, 2016-

Friday, June 10, 2016

Hello Friends …..
                  …Referencing the Avian Bird Control Product …
****This stuff irritates Birds like Tear-Gas irritates people. I have never seen or found any Bird-Repellent this effective…. that is legal to use.
****Try to get your 1st App of 32-40 oz – acre on before the first major Fowl-Invasion. If you can get it on just before that early-reconnaissance group comes in to check out your Crop, that’s the best…. But it’s  very hard to get that timing dialed in.
****When that 1st App gets 6 – 8 days on it, or if a couple light rains dilute it….    Re-Apply at the 24 oz-Ac.Rate. Re-Apply as Needed. Its not unusual to get 10-12 days efficacy out of this product.
****Anywhere from 15 ga.Water-Ac up to 60 ga. is perfect. Using 100 g.w.a. works fine as well…..and also assists the irrigation effort.
****Do not lower the Tank-Water pH when using Avian.…This works best in neutral pH water. 
****Avian leaves no visible residue or taste on the fruit when applied with the proper-air-blast sprayer equipment. Tens-of-Thousands of acres have also been applied by Airplane at 10 ga.water-acre with no visible residue or taste on fruit.
****You can use certain Pesticides with your Avian Appln, but not those that need the pH reduced in order to get optimum efficacy. 
****We have Growers reporting their Bird-Pressure-Losses have dropped to near -0-Zero where they have used Avian 3 – 4 years consecutively. Birds remember that certain locations are to be avoided.
****This Product is available in *1gal, *2.5gal, *15ga., *30ga., *55ga., and *275 ga.Totes….and there is a very significant per-gal-cost-savings for every step-up to a higher-volume-packaging-purchase. 
****For a rough estimate on Cost-of-Appln-Acre….   Across the board average cost is apprx $1-per-oz….while the cost in Totes is more like 75cents–oz. 
                 …Referencing Parka SureSeal Technology on Sweets ….. 
****Prevents Splitting-Cracking way better than anything else ever ….   and at less-per-Acre-Cost… That’s according to the SweetCherry Guys in the Pacific-North-West….
****Use plenty of Water-acre for complete & thorough coverage ….. Using 1 Gal. Parka per Acre.
****Growers now adding a 1%v.v.OxiDate 2.0 tell me they will always do that from now on. OxiDate 2.0 is a Bactericide-Fungicide product from BioSafe.
****Applying with Avian-Bird-Control Product ???   I have not heard back from a couple guys that said they were going to do this…..   I see no reason why it would not work. Neither Product wants the pH messed with….   Nobody uses over 80-100 gal-water-ac with Parka….   I think it would work fine. The verbiage on the Labels kinda discourages it. Your call. Walk before you run as Jeff Alicandro would say ….
****Sweets Boys up North farther would want to do their 1st Appln Parka next week I think. The PNW boys are now saying to go on at ”Early-Straw”  …while on the Label it still says ‘Straw’ or late Straw. 
Hope You All Have a Great WeekEnd ….r

-June 4, 2016-

Grapes – Saturday, June 4, 2016

Hey Friends ….  Greetings from Fruit Ridge Avenue … 
Hoping All is going well with Your Growing Season !!
We’ve been just slammed this Spring – early Summer …..
Many new and fun high-performance cost-effective Products….   and of course the Oldies-but-Goodies …   Love those….Got Lots of those.
Now Literally hundreds of Grape + Blues + Vegie + TreeFruit Growers regularly using our **CS2005 with **FormulaIISW Combo very successfully. Tank-Mixing with **EBDC sometimes/most times …. and **PreVam almost every time…..   **Regalia several times—most of the time.
These Tank-Mixes deliver multiple Bactericides and Fungicides and Nutritionals ….controlling virtually everything. And when we use the Indicate 5 Adjuvant into the Tank first, we always have a Tank-Mix that behaves perfectly.
Our Guys have Zero or near- Zero problems with Powdery and her ugly sister Downy ….  No issues with Phomopis….Botrytis or Anthracnose ….  No problems.
And yet some of your neighbors spend $20 – $35 per-Acre-more per Application for one single Disease-Control-product….????     
All of our Fave Disease-Control-Tank-Mixers also go in just fine with a long list of Insecticides … nearly all of which I am told we are saving you serious money on …. like 15% – 60% serious !!
Lannate [Nudrin]
AgriMek 0.15 [Abamectin 0.15]
Belt  …..  a bunch more    …….Also Saving our Faves on  Nearly every Fungicide ….   and Herbicides…
There’s a generic Spartan called Sulfentrazone4SC that is very cost-effective for you guys and also the Blueberry Boys……  likely 1/2 what some guys paid last time …??
If you are not using our new Redox Program, pls keep your ear to the ground for the success stories to be runnin rampant at Harvest Time. I am truly amazed at the results we are seeing with this Redox Nutition program…..almost unbelievable !!  And its happening in every Crop we touch with it !!!
Please mark your Calendar for quitting work early FridayJuly 22nd —  7 Weeks from Yesterday —   Which is our…..
                                       Annual RGSs Fruit Ridge Fest !!!
   …Lots of Food & Fun & Fellowship & Prizes & Entertainment   …..Meet some of our Fave Manufacturer Pals …. Its a great Party.  Watch for more Details to follow. It gets rollin around 3 pm.
And we encourage any & all of you that have Classic Cars to please drive them to our Event …We will have a really cool Parking Spot for You. And also if you have any old Classic Tractors… Pls bring them Thrs.Eve or Fri.AM…  Everyone loves looking at your Classic Oldies !!!
I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend …..    Warmest Regards ….r 

-June 4, 2016-

Apples – Saturday, June 4, 2016

Greetings from Fruit Ridge Avenue….   As I start this Note, It’s a perfectly beautiful Morning here on Kent City’s West Side …..
The RidgeGuys were Happy Happy to hear from Amy at 8.40pm Wedn-6-1  …that she caught Zero -0- Spores with the DayTime Rain Event Wednesday. It was a nice Rain conducive to Spore Release with none of the ”Ifs-Ands-Buts” that we sometimes get when we are waiting for ”The End”…..       Amy will continue to monitor the Spore-Rods to be positively sure. But she said for the Ridge area, she is calling ‘Primary-Scab’ over.
Any Scab-Symptoms currently evident in any Blocks of course means to stay covered continually …..  Captan80WDG and a Tank-Mix-Partner. 
If any of you are not signed up for the E-Mail-Coda-Phone Report, pls let Amy know. 
Too much Mildew still being reported.
Where serious control-steps are needed, I’d be looking closely at ‘Back-to-Back’ 12 – 15 oz.**LunaTranquility  [apprx $33] with 3-4lb.Cap80WDG [apprx $10]…
**LunaTranquility – 12 Hr.REI… Use Rate 11.2oz – 16 oz….Seasonal Limit 54oz….  72 Da.P.H.I….Which means you have time for the ”Back-to-Back” if needed. You’ve likely noticed L.Tranquility is labeled for some Bacterial Diseases as well as the typical Fungal-Pathogens. This all helps. On the WedSite it is only called a Fungicide.
Reminder…. For All of you that have been doing the ”1-2-3” since early Pink…  You were asked to let us know if you see any symptoms of any kind of ugly. So far —Squeaky-Clean. Keep the Faith ….and please let me know if you find any ugliness.
Also, the ”1-2-3” Tank-Mix now goes to 1 Alt.Center-per-Week…. Choosing a Monday or a Tuesday usually makes most sense. 
For our ‘Summer-Cover-Sprays’ … Doing our 1-Alt-Center every Monday gets us our 1 Complete Cover every 2 weeks. 
Also remember the ”1-2-3” has never been documented as ”Burning-Out” Scab…?? The Components deliver systemic Bactericides+Fungicides+Nutrition. 
….But…. If anyone has a spot where they’re seeing discouraging levels of Scab and Mildew and wants to look at ”1-2-3” as a Burn-Out-Fix-It Option…??  Maybe on a Young or New Block… or a small Process-Block…???   ….Please let me know. Maybe we can get enuf Trial-Product to Off-Set some costs… A Full-Cover-Per-Acre Cost of the ”1-2-3” is apprx $34 normally.
The same Insects that we always need to protect for right about now are all out there challenging you …. Same-O – Same-O …   But…
If you did the seriously-low-cost-seriously-highly-effective Nukes **Early, and **Pink, and **Petal-Fall in your Blocks….  You are finding now that you have way less pressure and can be looking at some easy-low-cost options…..   so be watchful & careful not to get roped into a limited-narrow-spectrum-high-cost Insecticide.
Some of you may have a fit for an Oldie-but-Goodie from the ”O.P.” ChemClass  ….   Diazinon50WSB …..   4 Da.REI….   21 Da.PHI ….UseRate 1 – 4 lb-Ac. Limit 2 Applns-Season. I remember Diazinon being very popular …and pretty effective. Also there was a Liquid Diazinon formulation that was once labeled for Apples here, but then some Russeting started showing up and we all blamed all the Diazinon’s ….so ”walk-before-running’ ??   The product we stock here is the 50WSB and is very cost-effective.
Please mark your Calendar for quitting work early on FridayJuly 22nd – 7 weeks from Yesterday ….which is our Annual ‘Fruit Ridge Fest’ !!!
  ….  Lots of Food–Fellowship–Prizes–Entertainment…..Meet some of our Fave Manufacturer Pals  ……  Its a good Party. Watch for more Details to follow….   It gets rollin around 3pm
And we encourage any-all of you that have Classic Tractors and Classic Cars, to bring them to our Fruit Ridge Fest …to let us all see them !!! You can bring the Tractors late Thrs or early Friday…..  and you can drive the cars over for the Party !!
Good Grief …When I started this note it was 8.40am….Calm & Sunny. Now the clouds are building and the wind is up. But All of my Interruptions are Welcomed. 
Thanks ….   Have a Fun–Safe–Blessed Week-End   …..    The Graduation Parties have Begun …    r

-May 31, 2016-

Apples – Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Tuesday to All …..   
    …..   Following a pretty dog-gone nice Memorial Day Weekend !
******   No Surprise’s Here …..
++Primary Scab Season is still on …..   Still catching Spores in the SW Corner-Michigan
++Most Guys are Double-Checking EBDC-Scab Programs Total Season Usage-Lbs/Ac.
++The Thinning Window continues working its way closed…..    Some RedDels are showing up where we didnt think there was to many. 
          …If your personal Thinning Scheme has worked well for you in the past few years ….Keep doin it. 
          Always keep expicit records of any+all details involved with your Thinning efforts.…So eventually you may be able to get the
          ”One Pint-Acre Seagrams V.O.down to 4 – 5 Shots”    🙂
++The Petal-Fall Nukes are all on in the Ridge Area….  Most Guys now starting their Abamectin 0.15EC program
++Lookn at our 2nd shot of NovaGib for our Russet-Prevent in Goldens ….We’re adding these to our Fungicide Applns….but w/o the adjuvants
++Some pretty impressive Frost-Scars showing up on some fruit in extreme low-spots … 
++Kudos 27.5WDG – Prohexadione Formulation from FineAmericas is really working great …. continues to impress.
++Summer Diseases start now. The ”1-2-3” Program has really gained some serious popularity this Season !!    Many many Acres have used this 
     TankMix right thru Bloom and every week thereafter for total Control of Scab–Blight–And All the Summer Diseases.
******   PomCho  ……    
                     ……the Sure-Seal-Technology Product for Apples …from Oregon State University … owned and Marketed by Cultiva-IPM.
++++Works as a ‘Cuticle-Supplement’ …mimicking the Cuticle. It grows with the fruiutlet.
++++First Appln timing is this week. Use enuf water for 100% complete thorough coverage with 1 ga.PomCho – Acre. Needs Ultimate-Coverage but avoiding ‘drip’ …drippage is wasting this Impressive Technology. Then mark your Calendar about 30 Days and watch for another Appln-Window and repeat. Then another 30 days out at the end of July—Early August, do the 3rd and Final Appln. That 2nd and 3rd appln may require a bit more G.W.A. as you blow thru twice as much Foliage. 
++++Be very careful about any Tank-Mixing …the Label very strongly discourages any Tank-Mixing. Walk before you run. The only TankMix you should feel really comfy with is what RealityResearch did with OxiDate 2.0 ….see Below
++++Use no Surfactants/adjuvants/oils/PinoleneBased products with PomCho.

++++Butch Palmers”’Reality-Research-Crew”’ in New York has had some crazy impressive Findings from their work 3 years running….and continue to explore what else this


stuff does. Most of you at our February Meetings heard all about it from Scott Palmer



Their findings so far… Reduces *Physiological Disorders like *Russeting, *Cracking, *Splitting, *Flecking… *Lenticel Marking…. 

Has hugely increa


ed ‘Pack-Out


‘ on some very High-Dollar Varietie



++++Palmers ”Reality-Crew” also found that using 1%v.v. ”OxiDate 2.0” in with this Appln makes a difference with protection against Molds-Rots..etc…as OxiDate is a Bactericide-Fungicide. 1 Gallon in 100 Ga.TankMix…..  Pretty low-cost-Tank-Mix-Partner.
Please call us with All Questions-Comments…..   Warm Regards ….r

-May 27, 2016-

Apples – Friday, May 27, 2016

Hello All…
~ ~ ~ Reminders—FireBlight:
**Kasumin is a great choice  ….   90 Da.PHI …..  2 Qts/100g … 12 HrREI … Read Label very Carefully….Record Official-Appln Details very Carefully. Kasumin is available on 10 Mi.Road.
Researchers here feel it performs very closely to the level of Strep years back before any Resistance Issues……   Except on TraumaBlight….where some feel it has much less ”KickBack” eradication capabilities…??? …maybe 0 – 4 hrs…???   While the Manufr-Tech-Guys claim it performs every bit the same-equal-to the Strep of the old Days….like 24 Hr-Kick-Back
**Where you are sure there is no ‘Resistance-Issue’ …Strep is of course still the best-cheapest-most-fun product of choice. In these hot-humid-conditions, use a bigger rate-acre….24 oz/Ac…and hopefully you have some OxyTet / MycoShield to tank-mix with it… 1 lb/Acre.
MycoShield is in very short supply. We have zero -0- ….    Be sure to have a top-quality 90-10-N.I.S. like InSpray 90 in the mix. OxyTet[mycoshield] is a Protectant only.
**Many of you have been keeping the CS2005 and Regalia and Phites in your regular Disease-Control-Program …..   All 3 Systemic… All 3 recommended as both Bactericides and Fungicides in Dozens of Crops and for Dozens of Disease Targets. Thats like 2 Ace’s in the Hole….  a huge serious advantage right now in this high-risk-soupy-Weather.
**As always…. Its always risky to be spraying anything in extreme Heat ….  some things dont change.
~ ~ ~ Other:
**They are still catching Spores in SW Michigan
**Your Lannate/Asana Tank-Mix for Petal-Fall-Nukes was Perfect…..  Comprehensive…Cost-Effective !!
**We likely have 2 full Covers [4-Alt.Centers] of Primary-Disease-Controls remaining ….and it looks like Smart Money plans to use those Trips for 2 Full 20 oz-Ac-Apps Abamectin 0.15EC with the 24 oz-100 gal. InSpray 90….for apprx $20-ac.Total…..   both Full-Applns.
Also we know that the original 0.15EC hasn’t caused any Fruit Finish issues in 38 years. Its the Oil that some guys still put in the Tank-Mix that has always been risky behavior.
We Never use any Oils ….Ever…None.
Getting a pretty good rain here right now…..
Best Regards ….r

-May 24, 2016-

Row Crops – Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hey Guys ….   We Hope Your Planting is going Well !
We have been getting more and more Vendors quoting us very competitively on some popular Products, and we have sourced some of those   ….  
Product:         Generic:
Spartan          Sulfentrazone 4SC
Callisto           Mesotrione 4SC
Warrior          LambdaCy 1EC
Dual                MeTooLaChlor
And also some we have normally always stocked ….
Atraz4L and 90DF
BucanneerPlus….several Generic Round-Up products…
Sencor …..
  …and all 2,4-D Products
When I look at the common Retail-Levels quoted in West-Central Michigan, I see some Name-Brand items that are more than 2X the Sell-Price we have locked in.
Please reply or call if you have interest in any of these ….
Wishes to You for a Safe & Prosperous Season !!

-May 20, 2016-

Apples – Friday, May 20, 2016

Hello to All….   This SunShine sure feels nice…
It appears most came thru the frosty mornings with no crop-reducing-damage. Things are really moving now.
***Some recent discussion on our Exilis 9.5SC BA Thinner …   The new Formulation. This comes in a 1 Qt. Bottle.
Using 12.8 oz.Exilis 9.5SC in 100 gal.water gets us to the 100 ppm.
***Refine 3.5WSG is our NAA ….new last Year …..   4 oz in 100 ga. = 10 ppm
***Our NovaGib is a seriously cost-effective choice for Rust-Proofing Goldens…Use sufficient water….3 Applns
***Our BoronXtra at the 10 oz-acre-rate is the real-deal. These is never a scenario I have found when more than 10oz. [$3.50] is needed.
Smart Money uses our BoronXtra in the TankMix with SoluBags whenever he wants ….  no issues.
***ZincRush-9 has been our fave Zn the last few years… Pink & P.Fall rates 2-3 Pints-Ac….Maintenance Rate — 12.8 oz.Ac. [$2.68] — Tank-Mixes with everything we ask it to.
***For several years now the ”1-2-3” Tank Mix has been a real cost-effective option fighting all Diseases Apple Growers are at War with ….All the Bacterials and the typical Fungals …from start to finish…10 Disease targets that MSU discusses in the E154.
We have heard from more of you that jumped into it last SpringSummer due to a FireBlight scare in a young-High-Dollar-Block and were really impressed with the beautiful Fruit-Finish being better than the No-Scare block around the corner…. And that after weekly Apps of *1 Pt CS2005 *2 Pt Regalia *3 Pt FormulaII-SW ……the 1-2-3.
Also, I have heard some of you mention that you don’t have to spray the ‘1-2-3’ every week all Summer to obtain beautiful Fruit Finish ….  
***Don’t forget your 1 Pt-Ac.VitaZyme at Petal-Fall   …
~~~~Maxing out the Seasonal-Limit 5 Apps of 3.2 oz Imidacloprid4F is hugely cost-effective…at less than $1.80 per-ac.App!!!  But no need to add to the Lannate-Asana-Tank-Mix at Petal-Fall.
~~~~Maxing out your seasonal Limit of Abamectin 0.15EC with 2 full-Applns of 20 oz. each does the job on ERMs, TwoSpottedSpiderMites, RustMites, W.A.L.Hopper, S.T.L.Miner …..for less than $20-Ac.Total …hard to believe….and Smart Money has not been using any ‘Oils’ with it …simply using InSpray 90 @ 24-30 oz-100g.
Abamectin is safe on Insect & Mite Predators.  Making 2 complete 20 oz.Applns split out into 4 Alt.Centers is the best Bang4Buck.
Starting the Abamectin immediately after the Petal-Fall Appln of the Nukes makes the most sense to me….   while we are still doing 2 – Alt – Centers – Week for Scab-Control…
Happy Friday Evening …..   Post-Time for the Preakness tomorrow I believe is6.20pm…??
Best Regards ….r

-May 14, 2016-

Apples – Saturday, May 14, 2016

Greetings from Fruit Ridge Avenue ….  
  Feels like November here ….  Like 44*F …and 44 m.p.h.Winds…
*****After looking at the Chilly Forecast…Some Growers that have been using & watching the Redox Products for a year or two, are getting DiKaP applied as a Foliar at 3-4-5 Lbs-Ac. DiKaP is a serious part of the over-all N-P-K Program, and also helps Fruit-Buds survive cold temps.
*****We have an adequate supply of Perlan in Stock ….   1 Pint-Acre. We prefer warmer temps for the Mid-Late-Bloom-Apps for Elongation…  But if you have a frosty morning, wait til early-mid-afternoon, or for 55-60*F, and get your 1 Pt-Ac. on for Fruit-Set.
*****Some Comparatively Smokin Hot Deals Currently InStock ….
~~Luna Tranquility….  12 oz-16 oz.Ac  ……  72 Da.PHI
~~Exilis 9.5SC …the new formulation of the Original BA Thinner…  12.8 oz in 100 gal.Water gets you 100 ppm.
~NovaGib 10L… for Russet-Control-Fruit-Finish Issues… originally mainly for Golden Delicious  ….  Use 21.33 oz.Ac. in 100g.Water. One 64oz.Btl NovaGib 10L will do all 3 recommended Applns for 1 acre of Goldens.  A 4th App is optional & recommended, but not to many Guys get that 4th one on. Apps are to be at 7 Da.Intervals.
~~Retain…Yes…Deanna has now found a Retain source. Should save you some serious input-cost.
~~Our ”Kudos” from FineAmericas…new last year… saves you significant money….  and Smart Money has been adding it right into the Tank-Mix with Fungicide Trips–Etc and has had excellent results. The Shoot-growth-performance comparison is no different from the original special Tank-Mixing plan with the ammo-sulfate-etc.
~~Lannate/Nudrin90SP @ 1Lb.Ac. for Petal-Fall Appln with one of the  $2 – $3 – $4 Nukes …Tank-Mixed==Smart Money
~~Warrior – Asana – PermUp – Belt – are All seriously good deals here on Fruit Ridge Ave ….  comparatively speaking ….  Remember to use up all your Belt this Season =  14 Da.PHI on Apples… The EPA is seriously trying to kill that one along with Chlorpyrifos4E/Lorsban..
*****Some Disease Control Discussion
~~The 1-2-3   *1Pt-CS2005 *2 pt-Regalia *3 Pt.FormulaII-SW has been very effectively serving thousands of Acres with great FireBlight Prevent… a very impressive combination of all-Systemic-Bactericides -Fungicides-Nutrition. Tank-Mixes with All of our favorite stuff, and every year more guys report very clean fruit after using ”1-2-3” all summer due to a Fire Blight scare. Of the 9 or 10 Diseases Apple Guys contend with every year, this 1-2-3 has proven to be a great program.
~~Keeping Tebuconazole[Elite] in the Mix at 6 oz-Ac. is still co$t-effective…. 75 Da.PHI — you’re allowed 8 apps @ 6oz…cheap
~~For New-and Young Non-Bearing Blocks use the ”Propiconazole” *Tilt *Orbit product as often as you go… @ 3oz-ac…$1.40 … Allowed 10 – Apps/3oz.
*****Some Herbicide Values
~Our Paraquat3SL and Sinbar and Diuron and Simazine and Aim all Tank-Mix together very nicely with our Redox Nutrient needs….Needs determined by your Soil Analysis
*****The New—the SureSeal Technology from Oregon State …called PomCho for Apples… 1st Appln goes on at Petal Fall…. But …..Where several of you are already TankMixing the ‘1-2-3‘ and *BoronXtra and our *ZincRush and *Teb45 and *VitaZyme and 1 or 2 of our Fave *Calciums, and  *AgriMek and *Lannate and *Warrior and *DiKaP, I ask you to make a separate trip for this.  The PomCho Label asks us to take some special measures for very thorough complete 100% Coverage with PomCho, and originally, a couple years back, we only applied as a separate trip. But then last year some of you just dumped it in the Tank-Mix at Petal Fall with no problems.
Please make sure we visit about this. Its a very Smart Money move to have OxiDate in this PomCho Tank. This new Product makes for a beautiful fruit finish on the high-dollar varieties.
*****Those are some pretty Outrageous Tank Mixes we load up with. Some folks with other programs have ended up with time-consuming ridiculous messes when trying to ‘save-another-trip’ thru the orchard. I know our Tank-Mixes appear daunting…. And we always walk before we run. I think one main reason for our seemingly easy success when having 12 – 15 products working synergistically in the tank, is the squeaky-clean-virgin-grade components in the formulation of several of our fave products which are Manufactured in California where the Quality-Control-Standards are so stringent. Our FormulaII-SW and BoronXtra and ZincRush and several others all have only the purest ingredients with on-going consistency …with no variations. And you also must have someone engineering the formulating and production that really knows what he is doing. Our guy …Patrick Murray…is a M.S.U. Grad … ☺
 So….   We are supposed to get some Spring-Summer in a Week – 10 days or so….   For now I am turning the electric blanket back on.
Warmest Regards ….r


-April 30, 2016-

Grapes – Saturday, April 30, 2016

Greetings from Beautiful-Down-Town Kent City’s West Side …..   
     We hope this Spring hasn’t treated you to brutally to this point…??? There’s been some serious Nail-Biters in the last 3-4 Weeks….and some costly damage in some neighborhoods…..
Spring seems to be here to stay now …??  …Maybe …??    Altho it is a ugly cold east wind here this afternoon.
     You Grape Guys have a pretty cool long list of Fungicides to choose from….   and I know, that you know, which ones to avoid because of the stupid-high price-tags.
     As you know our CS2005 Systemic-Copper-Fungicide-Bactericide is a superb choice (1 Pt-ac), and Tank-Mixes great with Regalia (2-Pt-Ac) and with our ”FoliarPhosPhite”FormulaII-SW (3-Pt-Ac) and  to make-up our 1-2-3 Program that so many of you have had such impressive success with for 3-4 Years now…..a Tank-Mix-Combo delivering *3 Fungicides & *3 Bactericides & *2 Nutritionals & *1 BioStimulant to your Vineyard every time you get out there with it….  @ $31 total-ac.!!!  [It’s so amazing to me that some popular Fungicides rated only ”Good” on only 1 of 6 Disease Issues on Page 180 in the MSU-E-154 can go out at a Grower cost of $55 to $65 – Acre!!!!]
     And when we use our Indicate 5 Adjuvant-Surfactant-Tank-Mix-Additive at 16 – 24oz.-100gal.Water, we eliminate the need for any **Ammonium-Sulfate forSequestering, or any **pH-Reducers…. ……and Indicate 5 also delivers a good poke of SprdrStckr.
     Hopefully most of you have taken advantage of our cost-saving-low-prices on some other popular Fungicides for Grapes…???
     I really appreciate your Feed-Back on the Market-Conditions in the Industry ! ! !
It sounds like our …
Rally is 30% less here than it is down the road….??
Rovral $20 g.cheaper here than some…
Elite/Tebuconazole is crazy Cheap
Abound….RGSs is most definitely the place to get your Abound!!
    On the EBDCs and the Captans …RGSs can only save you pennies….  those are all about the same Retail-Pricing around the State the way I hear it. We do have both ….  and we’d love to bring you some. But we cant save you a bunch of money on those two.
    Herbicides ….    Wow….   Be sure to check with us on Weed-Control-Schemes….
If you are one in the multitudes that really like ***Chateau ….  We have one…..  about $26-Treated-Ac.@ the 6oz-Rate
We like to keep a low-rate-***Simazine[$8.40]& ***Diuron[$8.60] in the TankMix on some Full-Production-Vineyards [Established 3 yrs Min.] @ 3-4 Pint each Rates.
I really like ***Aim also….$7 @ 1.5 oz.Ac.Rate
And if you really like ***Rely 280SL at the 3 Pt.Ac.Rate…???  Pls check with me.
    And also… Reminding you that all the above 5 Work-Horse-Chemistries…when using the 16 – 24 oz-per-100-gal. Indicate 5 …will Tank-Mix just fine and Work synergistically for enviable weed control in your 3-Yr-Old-Production-Vineyards at a Smart-Money out-of-pocket-cost of less than $30 per ac. of Vineyard, if you are treating apprx 40% of the Vineyard Floor.
    Our ***Paraquat 3SL is not only the original Real-Deal Performer when compared to the newer-weaker-formulations….but is 1/2 the cost per-Treated-Acre of the lack-luster-weaker-newer-non-Performers.
    Always consider a ***Clethodim product for ‘NonBearing young Vineyards for actively growing Grasses …..   $2.50 per-Treated-Ac.@ 6oz.Rate….  Thats like $1 per Ac.of Vineyard.
    I also want to remind you that we never recommend any problematic Oils of any kind ever….Never. No Oils. Zero Oils. They are a thorn in your side for Tank-Mix-Flexibility, and are the main Number 1 Reason for virtually every time you have shoveled CottageCheese out of your Tank.
    Please check with me when questioning a Label calling for a ‘SummerOil’ or a M.S.O….or any Oil of any kind. There is a much more cost-effective-no-hassle-no-mess Answer to any & all Oil-Slick-Hazards.
We get to your area on Michigans West Side from the Indiana line on up to Northport …. and up north of Ellsworth….  at least once every Week with Deliveries….   Please give us as much Lead-Time as you possibly can.
Hope You Enjoy a Safe-Fun Week-End…. and Stay Warm…..
Intentionally Politically Incorrect On-Purpose, based on Scriptural Commands  ….r
Ron Reister   C.C.A.   o.616-887-9933   616-678-7706  m.616-437-0073
Reisters Grower Services    14050 Fruit Ridge Ave., Kent City, MI. 49330  
Are you receiving this F.R.Notes from RGSs and really wish you werent…???   
Pls simply reply ”Off” …and the Ladies here will get you off the List and me out of your hair…..   

-April 26, 2016-

Cherries & Stone Fruits – Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello Again from Fruit Ridge Avenue…. Pretty awesome storm here last eve. Hopefully one of You got any of that Hail….??
      …. The Power went off when I was trying to finish this note…. 
Things are moving fast here….  There’s an old QueenAnn Sweet tree in our back-yard….Full-Bloom-Petal Fall…and you can find some 1st-Pink on Apples just about anywhere if you look for it.
Just wanted to quickly share some serious Cost-Cutting schemes with you all….
**When you think GibbAcid…Remember to think FalGro 2X-LV …  No more opening 19 or 25 – 1 Qt-Bottles to get going Spraying….  the New 2X-LV comes in Gallons and it is Twice the A.I.Strength as the ”Old-school” stuff….
FalGro 2X-LV makes your Cherry Crop Firmer and brighter Red and gets you that extra 3 – 7 days sometimes needed for Harvest Deliveries.
For some of you not yet familiar with the FineAmericas ”FalGro 2X-LV” ….  I hope you get a few minutes to compare the the competitive products and the cost therein…
Years ago when everyone was selling the Quart Bottles of the original 4% at $44-Qt., we came with FineAmericas at $14.85 – Qt……  Yes ….Same stuff. We had so much fun with that!!
**And the new ”Kudos”(prohexadione-calcium) for Vegetative Growth Control in Sweets is had impressive results…..  Kudos, thanks to FineAmericas, saves you huge money.
**And …Fine has done the same thing with the 2lb.AI-ethephon Product Line….  Our ”Motivate” is the same exact formula as the original ethephon2SL…. But check out the cost. Reports from many of You are that some other ethephons are 80% more cost than our Motivate….  ??? Let me know…. Maybe Deanna needs to order more …??
**For some possible dreaded cold nights during BloomTime….   Yes we do have some Glacier still in stock for some of you guys in the North country….  Use up to 1 gal/Ac on large-production trees ==$15-$27==  Apply 24 – 36  or 48 Hrs ahead of forecasted cold-event….  History dictates it can grab you an extra 2-3-4 Degrees SafetyZone. Hopefully some of you have Glacier on the shelf.
**And to clarify & answer feedback from an earlier FRNotes….   Yes we have all the S.I.s labeled in StoneFruits… Generic*Elite…Generic*Tilt...*Rally40W and also the *Sonoma, and *Indar…We really like all of them….   and Yup– I keep poundin Ya’ll on the crazy-low-cost-$2.50 – $4.50-SI products…. but Indar is a great performer… and Rally==$11-ac.at4oz.Rate==is wonderful as well….
*********Some very great performing Herbicide Chemistries that do not trash your Budget….   and remember that Tank-Mixing multi-low-cost-chemistries is not only cost-effective, but it stands up to the ‘Resistance’ issues…..
+++Our Paraquat 3SL is less cost per-gallon than the weaker 2lb.A.I. stuff down the street ….  You guys are telling us that 1 Qt of our old-original-formulation is out-performing 3-4 Pints of the new weaker 2lb. stuff…..   Hmmm….Doing the Math …..    Theirs at 3.5 Pints is $12.25 per-Treated-acre ….Our 3SL at the 1 Qt is $6.08.   So…. the 220 acre guy that treats 40% of the Orchard-floor saves over $540 !!!  …and gets a better-faster-total-kill…
+++Peach Guys…Consider 16-20 oz.Sinbar in the Tank-Mix…  and if some Grasses get away from you later, look at Clethodim2EC at 8 oz/Ac. [$2.35]
+++Many of you…maybe all of you… really like the Chateau chemistry???  Check with us on our new generic….  huge savings.
+++Aim is still a favorite as well—only $4 – $5 – Ac
+++Karmex* [Peaches*Only]  and Simazine …??  You bet. Keeping a low-rate-each in that Tank-Mix helps keep those old chemistry-levels touched up in that Weed-Control-Zone… and is very Cost-Effective.
We are Up & Down Michigans west side with Deliveries 5 – 6 days a week….   Pls give us as much lead-time as you can. We appreciate your patronage ! ! !
Best Regards ….r


Apples – PM – Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Best Regards from Fruit Ridge Ave ….        Some pretty crazy Weather last Eve…. We’re hoping none of you had any severe stuff…???
I wanted to get this out earlier today…But have been slammed here all day.
…..Just some quick thots regarding repercussions of the crazy Weather last night…
When caught in a cross-fire-scenario like the one last night… now and in the future, please consider the 1-2 pint CS2005 …. 2 Pint Regalia, and 3-4 Pint of our Foliar PhosPhite Formula I [or FormulaII-*SW].
We have seen this combination of Bactericides and Fungicides and Nutrition do very good stuff when in a F-Blight threat-scenario… and is very cost-effective.
And…Strep is relatively low-cost these days, but only use Strep if you know for sure you have a very low-percentile-resistance in your location.
As many of you have proven to yourselves, by walking before you run, the CS2005 from MagnaBon is the most effective and least-abrasive of any-all Cu.Fungicide/Bactericide products available…. Why…..??? …Because it is the only Copper Fungicide/Bactericide Product on the Market today that Researchers have deemed ”Uniquely Systemic”.
Every Season we get more and more reports and feed-back from many more Smart Money Growers that have used ”005” right on thru the Season because of a F.Blight scare, only to find a bin of beautiful russet-free Apples.
       ……And of course there is Cornells Trial from a year ago that did indeed prove that CS2005 actually reduced Russet….  in a ”Russet-Suppression-Trial” making applications right during Bloom…. Kinda crazy but pretty cool.
Any-All seriously-certifiable-regimented-trials have always proved that CS2005 is extremely effective on F-Blight-All Bacterial Diseases….  and remember your pals at Waflers Nursery doing the CS2005 + 1 Lb.Strep right after the Hail-Trauma-Storm-Event at late Bloom-early-Petal-Fall….. they came thru with beautiful-russet-free-Apples and without any FBlight damage….while 3000 ft to the west, victims of the same storm, used 1 lb.Strep plus a conventional-sludge-blue-paint-copper and lost the entire high-density block as they watched it go up in F.Blight Flames.
There is no other Cu.Product like CS2005 from MagnaBon….    It is ”Uniquely Systemic”    …
Wishing You All a Hail-Free-Zone for the Rest of the Growing Season …..r

-April 23, 2016-

Stone Fruit – PM – Saturday, April 23, 2016

 Say Hello to Spring 2016 !!   ….Seemingly here to stay …???
And it seems to have put Folks in the Ridge Area about 5-6 days ahead of the DegreeDays/CalendarDate ‘Normal’  ….???
I actually believe there is not much ‘Normal’ left anymore.
Deanna has sourced some more Chlorothalonil product ….  Some 90DF and some Liq-720 SST. The Sell-Price is very competitive….compared to the extremes these days.
Smart Money will be keeping seasonal-legal-limit-quantities of these exceptional Cost-Effective products in the Shed … right out front…..  real close to the Mix-Pad….     and making sure they get into the Tank-Mix this Season…..
**Elite/Tebucon45DF ….  Allows 6 Apps @ 8oz     = $6.20 = 0-Da.PHI – 5 Da.REI
**Tilt/Propicon3.6EC ….  Allows 5 Apps @ 4 oz     = $2.40 = 0-Da.PHI-12 Hr.REI
**PermUp 3.2EC         ….  Allows 3 Apps @ 8 oz     = $4       =  3-Da.PHI-12 Hr.REI
**Asana                         ….  Allows 5 Apps @ 14.5 oz = $7       =14-Da.PHI-12 Hr.REI
**Imidacloprid4SC     ….  Allows 5 Apps @ 3.2 oz   = $1.95 =  7-Da.PHI-12 Hr.REI  [ 3 Apps on Peaches+Apricots+Nectarines]
Some of you have been told that some of the above are not ‘legal options’ ??!!!??  As I have told some of you on the phone and at Meetings….   Please refer whoever is telling you that, to the web-site…  ‘’ …and remind them the ”Label-is-the-Law”  
Smart Money also gets 1 Qt.-Acre CS2005  [$13.85] out there early….  2 Full Covers, or 4 Alt.-Centers…..    ”005” is very systemically effective on all Diseases….Fungal & Bacterial.
Yes …  ”Uniquely Systemic” is the terminology the Researchers use….  and at last check a few days back, there’s still no other Cu.Fungicide on the Market that is Systemic.
           …and  …
Yes … $13.85=Qt.=Acre …..    while some non-Systemic conventional ‘sludge’ coppers are goin out at $30 – $38 – Acre. Doing the 1 Qt ”005” twice is still less than $29 …still less than 1 big shot of the ol’ blue.
        …and …
Using ”005” in 3 -4 – 5 additional Apps at 12 – 16 oz-Ac. is a great Tank-Mix-Tool for all ongoing Bacterial & Fungal Diseases. Regalia @ 1 Qt and FormulaII-SW at 3-4-5 Pts-Ac. all work with extreme Systemic Synergism fighting all Bacterial and Fungal issues…..   and ….  No more 1 hr+40 minutes Machine scrubbing to get the blue paint off.
Please don’t get roped into one of those $40 – $50-per-Ac. Rescue Apps a month from now.
Before the Fed takes it….which will likely happen this Fall / Winter, I’d certainly be using a big-legal-rate of Chlorpyrifos4E. Its one of the few remaining awesome Nukes we still have.
As Always ….    the Label is the Law….  I always check the MSU-E-154 first, and then promptly the web-site for more legal options …and you should too….
   ….no matter what I say 
I hope to get back with you real soon to look at some Fave Herbicide-Tank-Mixes….   Happy WeekEnd.
…..   r

-April 16, 2016-

Apples – Saturday, April 16, 2016

Warm 73*F Greetings from the West Side of Beautiful Downtown Kent City …..   Hoping You are All ready for Spring. It now seems seriously here.
With plenty of exposed Green, I see Smart Money getting another Alternate Center applied. The Weather-Forecasters are calling for a lot of new-green-tissue in the next several days.
A bunch of acres of MagnaBons CS2005 Systemic Fungicide-Bactericide is going on at 1 qt-acre. Using 1 Qt – Acre for 2 complete Covers right out of the gates really delivers excellent results for every disease pathogen we’re concerned with now.
It is still a solid consensus that CapToZeb is the best Scab-I-Cide to keep re-applying in your Alt.-Center-Protectant-Program…. Half-Rate-Each== 2 lb.Captan80WDG and 3 lb.Mancozeb[EBDC]….. like as *KoverAll – *Penncozeb – *Dithane – *Fortuna – *Manzate – Etc.
There are also more names for EBDCs as more and more Big-National-Distributors and Post-Patent-Product-Manufacturers come up with their own ‘proprietary-private-label-product’ …. I think Roper is one ??
…..and its fair to say that the Captan and EBDCs are reasonably priced this year…..??
We absolutely do not suggest any Oils of any kind ever in any of our Tank-Mixes. We have found no viable reason for any use of any Oil of any type …ever….and in the same breath it is very safe to say that 98% of the times we may be tempted to or are told to use an Oil product, we should absolutely use a Top-Shelf-Quality-Industry-Proven-90:10-N.I.S.
There are several popular names to choose from. I think the one getting the most press is ‘Regulaid’ ….excellent product.
The most ‘cost-effective’ 90:10-NIS would be our ‘Inspray-90’ ….I call it the best because of the unsurpassed quality …And…the GrowerCost when we deliver it is 35%-40% less than some of the popular Brand-Names being sold elsewhere.
Next ….
This is bad timing I know….  I had most details plugged in and coming together for 3-4 weeks back, and my plan disintegrated…..But ….
Next week I have Sean from Wenatchee in Town to get in front of several of you…. reviewing the latest Trial Data and Research concerning the SureSeal Technology developed at Oregon State…. Seans Company purchased it from OSU. There is serious pertinent data for us to seriously dissect… This product mimics the fruit-skin-cuticle …and where they have had some lenticel issues on some very high-dollar Varieties, the $$Returns$$ have been pretty crazy….
Our Nancy here has been contacting a bunch of you Guys with the ‘Club’ and HighValuVarieties …..
            …. If you are interested and havent got the call…???  Pls call Nancy here early Monday….616-887-9933    616-678-7706
We are not convening any huge meetings with Sean….  we are doing some rather small-Group-HuddleUps–Breakfasts—Lunches—–etc. Ask Nancy.
The big MSU Spring-Spary Meetings is this next week Thrs-21st at Patricks.  4p — 6p
Weed Sprays ….  Herbicides…. Yup….  a bunch of you getting product around so its ‘Mix-&-Go-Ready’ ….  Of course Smart Money always uses the Indicate 5…..  because its the only product needed for the **Sequestering  **ph-Reducer  **SprdrStckr …..   1 product …. 16 – 20 oz per 100 ga.Tank-Mix.
Our Paraquat is the 3Lb.-SL….the one that really works well at the 1 Quart Rate…. Smart Money mentioned our sell-price is less per-gallon than the other stuff [2lb-ga.-a.i.gramoxone] is sellin for down the street …???   …and that $5.75 worth of our 3SL kills faster-better than $10.75 – $12 worth of the other….Wow….  good stuff.
Deanna has been really sourcing a bunch of our Fave Products really well… which means at cost-factors that translate huge savings for you guys.
It’s pretty fun really …..  She is working those cost-factors hard…. and I get to brag about it …      …….     It appears that out of nearly 200 Popular Products, there might only be 3 or 4 where she has had to say ….  ”Smart Money needs to get this one at the corner…because we can’t save him any money.”
Gotta Go ….   Have a Great Weekend …..   Should be perfect for Grillin !!!

Blueberries – Saturday, April 16, 2016

Greetings from the West Side of Beautiful Downtown Kent City !!  It feels like Spring is really here this time …really.
Many of our BluesPals in the SW Corner are right out there with their 1st Appln …and…where some Folks had a huge abundance of Rain, they are going out with Half-Tanks ….   and using very low GWA…like as low as 10-14 gal….up to 25-30 gwa. This really makes sense for early apps with so little foliage to blow thru.
Some of the Key-Components to their Tank-Mix include:
**InSpray 90 @ 1 Pt-100ga. into the Tank first ….  We don’t need Indicate 5 on this 1st app….because nothing in this mix cares to much about the pH or the Sequestering issue …
     ….Then Per-Acre ….
**CS2005  1 qt
**FormulaII-SW 3-4 Pt
**Prevam   1 Pt.
**Tilt at 6 oz
**And if there’s enuf Green exposed, I seriously think adding a low-rate Regalia is a great Disease-Prevent-Measure…. like 1 – 2 Pt-ac.
This Tank-Mix delivers 5 Fungicides, 4 Bactericides, and some Phosphorous andPotassium and ColdProcessed SeaWeed Extract …. a very nice little poke of Nutrition.
When considering the total cost-per-acre of the above, I am spending considerably less per acre than some of the choices listed on page 237 of MSU-E-154 on productsdelivering 1 Fungicide and 1 Bactericide ….  That’s only 2 job-descriptions ….  compared to getting 12 job-descriptions in the Tank-Mix listed above.
Some new Friends of RGSs look at what our Smart Money guys do and say, ”What the heck???!!!???”  But our Copper and our ‘Phite’ are awesome Tank-Mix-Partners for all of our Fave Products.
And a foot-note might be that we never ever use any Oils…Zero Oils….ever.
There is much evidence piling up for the FoliarPhosPhites handling some of the most cantankerous Bacterial and Fungal Diseases including Phytophthora. You guys that have been using our FormulaII-SW have had the luxury of working with a ”Nutrition” Label, while enjoying some beautiful Fields compared to some down the street… And the FormulaII-SW mixes with all of our Fave Products…..  virtually all Pesticides.
When considering what you have been doing, and are doing, with your Formula-II-SW-Tank-Mixes, compared to the Label-Restrictions on all other ‘Phites’ listed on page 42 — E-154, you guys are seemingly doing the impossible…  why? All thanks to the 100% Purity of the ingredients used in our ”Ridge Brand Formula II-SW”  ….made especially for RGSs by MSU Grad Patrick Murray–CustomAG-Formulators–Fresno–CA.
Patrick–CAF also makes our BoronXTRA [8oz-$2.75] and our ZincRush9 [3-4 Pt-$10-$13] products …  both absolutely unsurpassed in Micro-Nutritional Efficiency….both go into the Tank-Mix with everything we ask them to…….   Never ever any cottage-cheese to shovel.
Looking ahead a bit…..Most Blues Folks have had very cost-effective-maximum results by using old low-cost chemistries….maxing out the legal-seasonal-limits. I have seen phenomenal results in your Blues Production where you maxed out the following Smart Money choices……..
Tilt–Propiconazole3.4EC–PropiStar  *5 Apps @ 6 oz-ac. *30 Da.PHI  *12 Hr REI     ***Apprx $4.30-App
Imidacloprid 4F [A.I. in Provado–AdmirePro–Macho–Montana–Alias] *5 Apps @ 3.2 oz.Ac  *3 Da.PHI  *12 Hr REI   ***Apprx $2-App
Asana XL–Zyrate           *4 Apps @ 9.6 oz      *14 Da.PHI  *12 Hr.REI   ***Apprx $4.75– App
MustangMaxx                 *6 Apps @ 4 oz-Ac    *1 Da.PHI     *12 Hr.REI  ***Apprx $3.25 – App      ….Don’t you just love it when you see some real performers for $2 to $5 per Acre???
I notice on pg.238–E154–a very popular Fungicide that if using the full-recommended-rate at the retail price it is down the street, it cost $75 – ac….another one $70 – acre. I wonder if anyone actually really does that ….??    
Happy Weekend …..   Time to get the Grill goin ….

-April 8, 2016-


Greetings All ….
Here at Kent City’s west side ….   the weather is crazy stupid for todays calendar date…. but maybe almost right on the money for Dec.20…?? …..and the forecast sounds just as crazy.
In short the weather is stuck on stupid.
Over a month ago the LongRangeForecastGuru’s were saying Winter is over…and so Get Ready-Set-Go !!!   Yeah well…not so much.
Our Pals in Michigans SouthWest Corner have had some Stone-Fruit crop-reduction-losses due to temps.
Sounds like minimal losses in Apples, but some are into there 3rd trip thru Apples for Primary-Apple-Scab Infections. Some Associates around Berrien Center have had 3 Infections technically….very close….to close to ignore.
Our NW Pals around Cedar and Suttons Bay are Snowmobiling.
Here ….. Ridge General …plenty of exposed ‘1st-Crack-Green’ was found 12 days back and several Blocks were covered with CS2005 and Protectants…and then everybody went back to Pruning and/or dealing with brush with the return of Winter….and as it turns out, they could have did a week in the Bahamas.
Amy has caught a few Spores in the last couple weeks, but all is on hold for now.
Our Associates that entered the ”’2016 1st Scab Infection Date Contest”’ with guesstimates for April 14-15-16 or later look to be pretty good guessers right now.
We just brought in another TrkLoad of CS2005.
Some of you plan to continue TankMixing the Low-Rates CS2005 and FormulaII-SW and Tebuconazole [or Rally] and Low-Rate Captan80WDG and some early Insecticides ….  Thats all good….  low-cost …  very effective …. with zero [-0-] no mixing problems. Just dont forget the ‘Indicate 5’ into the tank first — 1 Pt-100 ga.
You remember from the Meetings the other Tank-Mix Protocols we have shared…. We can tank mix all of our favorite-cost-effective Fungicides-Bactericides-Insecticides-Miticides-Macro+Micro Nutrients+ almost all PGRs all in the same low-cost-very-effective Tank-Mix. Dozens of you have done it yourself.
We all have heard Researchers and Manufacturers preach about doing Tank-Mixing to lower the risk of several pesticides falling victim to ‘Resistance’ ….so when we have products that work with such synergism, so flawlessly… it’s a good idea. And no wonder the various disease and other pest targets don’t have a chance.
Speaking of Tank-Mixing with everything ……   VitaZyme 1st Foliar App is normally not til Pink ….   Your very next consideration of VitaZyme might be your Root-Dip or Drench at Tree-Planting time…. Use a 1 – 5% vv Mix. Use 5% if Dipping….. and 1-2-3%vv if standing in a Soak-Tank for several hours or over-night.
Had a really great Info-Share-Redox-Fruit-School Meeting at Fricano’s–AlpineAve–several days back….  glad you all could make it. After 2 years of watching this Redox Product line, I find it very impressive. At first I couldn’t believe it.
Pls visit with Deanna or Nancy here about getting details for some SoilSamples-Analysis ….    ….   or Reply-All on this.
Nutrients applied on Ground or Foliar …??  We have 30 …maybe 40 awesome sprayable nutrients that can be applied as **Foliars …or thru**Fertigation …or in the **Weed-Control-Strip with Herbicides …Your choice. You can apply with an Airplane for that matter–seriously.
For Smart Money, whenever you can choose between ‘All-The-Above’ ….  I alwayssuggest the Foliar ….why?? Because you get 100% of your tree drenched, and all the drip is hitting the weed-control-strip, and all the blow-by is hitting the ground all over the place. Smart.
Our new Pal Jeremy Schultz is in town a couple days next week…He has the new ”’NutriMAG” product ….  These’s several of you that have signed up to meet with us. you may remember him from our February Winter Meetings….   if you want in on the discussion next week, pls tell Nancy or me asap.
It’s snowing here again  ….but I dont think its a Scab-Snow….
One more reminder on the new-last-year CodaPhone number===616-632-7868
Deliveries are really rollin….   Pls give Deanna as much Lead-Time as possible.
Stay Warm….r
Cherries & Stone Fruit – April 8, 2016
Hello from Fruit Ridge Avenue …..    Its a Snow Storm here on Kent City’s west side …. Really kinda Crazy
What a Nail-Biter for many Stone Fruit Crops ….  So much for that ‘Long-Range-Winter-is-Over-Forecast’ back on March 5 !!
We have sourced some Echo 90DF … Let us know if you are still in need… its about $2 more than 2015 ??  …like $18-Acre at the full
The BrownRots and Cankers and Phytophthora have been really persistent in recent years.
Certainly consider Elite[Tebuconazole] …. 8 oz-Ac. for $5.75-ac??   and SmartMoney get several Applns – 4 oz-Ac. Tilt[Propiconazole] @ $2.70-Ac…?? Both -0-zero Da.PHI….  Both still very effective on some critical Targets.
Both Tank-Mix fine with CS2005 ….   Use 2 Pint ”005” for 1st 1 or 2 Apps, then drop to 12 oz-Ac for whenever you get serious Disease Pressure typr Weather. Also I hear from many of you that using our CalciumCarbonate PhoenixCalcium product in the TankMix works great.
All of our Fave-Best-Performers all Tank-Mix and work great together. Our ZincRush and our BoronXTRA ….our FormulaII-SW….all go in fine with everything.
You can TankMix with Captan80WDG also…which is a pretty good deal this year.
At the request of a few of you, Deanna is searching for the right deal on Diazinon50W….. I guess it depends on the per-acre-cost….but I think it might be a very cost-effective tool …??
Allowed 2 Apps of 1 – 4 lb-ac…. 4 Da REI…..    21 Da.PHI. I’m anxious to see what the cost is.
On forward up thru PreBloom I see the Tart Cherry Guys have some very cost-effective Nukes to choose from for their Tank-Mix ….I’m looking at Full-Rate-14.5oz.AsanaXL for like $6?? I would certainly be doing the legal seasonal-limit 5 apps of Full-Rate-5.12 oz-Ac. Lambda1EC-generic Warrior at cost of around $2.50 ??? 14 Da.PHI–24 Hr REI…   the Pounce-Ambush-PermUp products are awesome Nukes and just very low-cost.
Remember the Grandevo for later in your Program …..  Mites and Aphids… some serious successes at low-1lb – 1.5lb-Ac.Rates. And another Fave Biological Venerate …also 0 Da.PHI and 4 Hr REI.
I’d be sure to get MustangMaxx in the Program….  4 oz.MMaxx— like $3 ?? But 14 Da.PHI…..  and very Seriously look at the Perm-Up[Pounce-Ambush] …. great Nuke…3 Da.PHI—12 Hr.REI…….I would be doing 4 Apps 6 oz ….   or 3 Apps @ 8 oz Ac. This stuff is like 45cents-oz…!!!  The big 8oz.Rate = $3.75 !!??!!
Best Regards  ….r

-Mar. 30, 2016-


Good Morning All….
….Good Meeting this AM with Phil & Amy.
Looks like plenty of 1st-Crack-Green around Ridge ….But little or no GreenTip.
The plan for starting now or last eve with the **1 Qt-ac-CS2005 [$13.75] + low-rate **EBDC [$6.40]  looks very smart.
Adding the 1 Pt. **ZincRush9 is also a Smart Money move with the anticipated cold forecast. [$3.40]
None of the above care about pH, but a small poke of the best 90-10NIS I have ever found is advisable …  1 pt-100 ga.- ”InSpray-90”   …
…..and why is it the best 90-10NIS ever…???   ….
…. Compared to the popular big-names…??   …35% less $$$ out of your CheckBook.
Interesting SideNotes….
—-Serious Researchers call CS2005 ”uniquely systemic”   …..   like ‘One-of-a-Kind”
—-Cornells Trials on Russet Suppression actually show CS2005 preventing Russet to a small degree…..?? I have that study.
—-Alicandro says ”walk before you run”
Best Regards ….r

-Mar. 26, 2016-

Apple and Stone Fruit and Blues Growers….

I hope this finds you all well …and ready to go into this Spring-2016.

We seemingly dodged a frozen-bullet earlier, but the extended forecast sounds like a nail-biter for 7-8-9 days out….around Apr.2-3-4   ….gonna get cold.

The Apple Guys in the SW Corner had their 1st Apple-Scab-InfectionThursday… while the Ridge Guys were almost 20*F cooler for a couple days leading in.

**Chlorothalonils**—Bravo—  As you remember from some ‘Fruit Ridge Notes’ last October-November….We all knew these products were going to be real short and pricey.

For 5 months now, our fave Vendors have been saying they are waiting for their ”Allocation” …

We are just now getting some cost-factors for the Chlorothalonils, and it’s uglier than I expected….like twice what it was 2 yrs ago.

Last Oct-Nov we asked you to get at least 50% – 75% of your needs covered. Good move. I applaud you.

We need to… and will be bringing in some of this GoldDust-90-DF in the next few days. Pls advise of your remaining needs.

**All–Plan to get CS2005 into your Attack-Plan…  1 Qt-Ac.-Early …1st 2 Applns [$13]

**Stones–Plan to get Tilt[Orbit]…Propiconazole into your Attack-Plan. You’re allowed 5 Applns @ 4 oz-Ac. [$2.70 / 0-Da.-PHI] and don’t be afraid of bringing Tilts brother along …Tebucon45DF…  8oz-Ac is less than $6  ….. 48 oz-Ac-Season-Limit….    Cherry–Zero-0-Da.PHI.   Years ago Tebuconazole/Elite was famous for Brown Fruit Rot … BlossomBlight and CherryLeaf Spot…more.   Its a S.I….very good on several diseases, but now weak on Leaf Spot. For $5.85-Ac., I’d be getting it into the tank.

**Apple Guys….Be done with Teb45 before Petal-Fall.  75 Da.PHI…   and the Tilt/Propiconazole only on NonBearing Apples — 3 oz-Ac[$1.30] — several Applns.

**CaptoZeb ….  PerAc: 3lb.EBDC[KoverAll] + 2lb.Ac. Captan80WDG ….  Absolute best AppleScab-Prevent-Control-Program …. apprx $16-ac

**Apples—Alt-Center-Plan…1st Crack Green…Mondays and Thursdays… thru end of Primary. Mix for 10 Ac–Travel 20.

**Blues—Choices have fiscal consequences …We have Blues Guys ready to go with a Tank-Mix of *Orbit, *CS2005, *FormulaII-SW, *Regalia and *Prevam, affording them 5 Fungicides + 3 Bactericides + 3 Nutritionals== 11 Job Descriptions for the same per-acre-cost as 1 Fungicide/Bactericide ….the ”Other-Choices”

**When something is very effective on several targets, and it’s $1.30  …$5.85   …  $2.70 per-acre-cost…  It really needs to be in the Tank.

**We are making a bunch of Deliveries now…a lot  …from the SW Corner on up to Traverse City. If any of you have any of our Totes empty, and want us to pick them up…Please let Deanna or Matthew or Nancy or me know asap.

**Wedn-Mar.30–7am–1st Amy-Phil-MSU-SwanInn Breakfast Meeting

**April 21st–Thrs–4p – 6pm —  Annual Spring MSU Ridge Spray Meeting at Patrick Goodfellows….12 Mile Rd

 …and Wishing You All a Blessed Easter-Time !!! 

-Mar. 17, 2016-


Sweet Fancy Moses !!!   What a great Forecast !!!
    This is more like it.   
Some Friends in Yakima finished the Late-Dormant-Oil + CS2005 Spray at H.I.G. over a week ago !!!
I gave a short Pep-Talk to Alicandro’s Disciples yesterday morning in Wayne County ….  They are looking about like we do here….about the same development….and Feeling Thankful.
At 1 of our Winter Meetings many of you received the new CS2005 Label-Booklet from MagnaBon containing the Trial Data from Cornells work on Russet Suppression. Interestingly …at Alicandro’s Meeting, some Cornell Folks were there, and their Results were mentioned how the CS2005 treated Goldens had less fruit-russet than the other 6 measurements in that Trial. These were Blossom Sprays….  and the Untreated Check had 72% more russet than the CS2005. The worst was a Combination of a competitive product plus EBDC and had 244% more russet.
That report is in your new Label-Booklet from MagnaBon……  Page 16.
   ….Some of you guys that tell me CS2005 actually prevents russet ….????   …might not be as crazy as you sound    You said it….  I didnt.
If you didnt get a new Label Booklet, pls swing in and grab one.
And Yes—CS2005 has proved to be the best performer in All Trials against competitive products, unless of course the Researcher screws up the trial by using 1 pint in 300 ga.water instead of 1 Qt in 50 ga.Water. In that Trial, the Researchers Tech used 1/6th of the recommended rate  …..   but you’ll have that from time to time.
No—There absolutely is no other copper product that is systemic. There are some other copper salesman that say there is, but the researchers say NO.
No Researcher that has actually looked at the coppers knows of any copper other than MagnaBon CS2005 that works systemically. There are a few manufacturers that start with one of the same active ingredient as CS2005, but there is only one MagnaBon CS2005 Systemic Copper Bactericide-Fungicide. Researchers call ”005” Unique. 
And yes…the sell-Price on CS2005 did go up a bit. Frankie Miele — MagnaBon, has been absorbing the increases in raw-materials and the packaging and cost of production for 10 years now. So the price to all Distribution has gone up a bit.
You guys that have been on the CS2005 program for years and are using Totes and Pallet quantities, I will hold the old price for you, as I have brought in a good volume before the increase.
Use CS2005…
1 Qt – Ac. in 20 to 50 ga.Water at 1st-Crack-Green and then
1 Qt – Ac. in             ”                      the following Week.  Do a full 2-Center-App each week.
Alt.Center Spray Apps work Fine…as long as you get your 1 Full Appln per week…. 1 Alt.Center Mon–1 Alt.Center Thrs.  **Mix for 10 Acres and Travel 20** work great, but you need to be sure you do it twice. 
And now is the time to quickly gather the Best-Guesses  from you all as to the 1st Official Scab-Infection event as determined by Amy Irish Brown here in the Ridge Area for 2016.
***The Winner will receive a case 2 x 2.5g. [5g.] CS2005 from MagnaBon; enuf product to treat 20 acres at the 1 Qt.Ac.Rate.
***All Guesses must be emailed to me …  ... or  …  by end-of-day Monday–March 21st to qualify for the 5ga.CS2005. If you Reply-All on this email, Deanna and I will both get your ‘Guesstimate’
***If there is a Tie, there are 2 Jugs ”005” per case…each Winner get a 2.5g.Jug.  If there is a 3rd Guess for that same winning date, the Prize(s) go to the Emailed Guesses that came in earliest.
Some of Ya’s like to do the recorded-voice–”CodaPhone” thing — Amy is still doing that here for us, but in most areas of the country that service is obsolete—  Remember that number was changed a yr or 2 ago ==  616-632-7868 ==  and it’s in the inside front cover of your MSU-E154 under Amy Irish-Brown…  Amy says that will start up again soon.
You should note that the old one 451-8065 is no good, even tho it is still listed under Phil Schwallier on that same page. 
Please call or email or stop in and see us ….Always a Pleasure.
Best Regards ….r

-Mar. 8, 2016-

Apples – Tuesday

Hello to All from Balmy Fruit Ridge Avenue ….

Yup—Mid 60s*F   …Pretty Nerve-Racking. But chins up….the 10-Day is for much cooler nights.

So…..     Smart Money is double-checking Wind Machines….and planning on a couple Alt.Center-Applns ZincRush-9 @ 2-3 Pt-Ac.-Rate and VitaZyme at 1 Pt-Ac-Rate right in with the Disease Control Applns around the 1/2 InchGreen–TightCluster–Open Cluster Stages.

Glacier—Yes indeed ….  Trial-Data proves this a very effective Nutrition-Packed product that can allow you an extra 2-3-4 degrees of too-darn-cold…Apply 24 – 48 hours ahead of cold-event. Be sure to Dial-Down your TreeRowVolume …. Full Rate on mature Full Production Trees is 4-5 Qts-Acre. Use 2-3 Qts-Acre on some of these beautiful young high-dollar Orchards. No adjuvants… Good Water for thorough coverage.

Glacier is weird stuff …the morning of the freeze, when the sun comes up, your Trees will look dripping wet, while the untreated looks kinda frosty-white.

Also, delay any PreBloom Soil-applied Nitrogen in the producing blocks. We can wait as long as til late April if need be and still get the needed ‘N’ where we need it when using Calcium Nitrate…crazy fast.

The Perlan trick … for in Bloom, when it just simply got way too cold…   As soon as it warms up the very next day [within 24 hrs of Freeze] get on your 1 – 1.5 Pint-Acre Perlan in 50 – 80 ga.Water. You dont need any adjuvants. There are a couple other GA4+A7 on the Market… Smart Money uses the Perlan because it’s the one used in Wayne County NY in 2012 when this theory was proven beyond any doubt. A Pt of Perlan costs apprx $25….while some of the others are nearly twice the cost …..????

Get your Perlan on the shelf now…and then pray you dont need it except for improving typiness on Reds, Braeburns, Gala–etc.

GrandPa always said that Copper Sprays helped with Freeze-Damage-Prevent… Mmmm…maybe….??

Smart Money has been using CS2005 in multiple-early-applns and getting away with it. Certainly dont use any Copper on High-Dollar Varieties for a Freeze-Damage-Prevent unless you’re really good at it. If you have been using CS2005 for several years, you know what you can do with it.

Plan to get at least 2-3-4 Alt.Centers CS2005 on right away out-of-the-gates–1st-Crack-Green– at the 1 Qt-Ac.Rate.


And …Best Wishes for a Back-to-Normal Run at Spring.


-Jan. 18, 2016-

Greetings All…   I see the DeeTeam has been sending out the Notices for our RGSs Winter Meetings and Expo. 

We will be bringing in Researchers–Manufacturers–R & D People from all over the Country to share with us all the latest and greatest in Research Data and new Products Information needed for decision-making for 2016.

These Speakers will be presenting the same Information at each one of the 3 Meetings convening in the 3 different Regions. Please look carefully at the Invitation for which Meeting is closest for you, or which one will work out best for you. 

I recall last year we had some SW Michigan and also some ‘Ridge’ Folks that elected to bring their Families and attend the Traverse City ”Great Wolf Lodge” Meeting, so their Family could enjoy the Water Park while the Meeting was in session.

 The Meeting Dates are February 16-17-18th ….Thats Tuesdayand Wednesday and Thursday…..    Our Speakers will use theMonday and Friday for Travel days.

Presentations start at 8am sharp….  Continental Breakfast–7.15  —-  with Lunch–Noon  —  We will be done with everything by 2.30pm….or before.

Most of you remember last Years Meetings where the DeeTeam made sure the Meal Offerings were phenomenal….  and I made sure you could enjoy a icy cold adult beverage with it 🙂

….and I’m betting most all of you remember the very cool Door Prizes ! ! !

Looking Forward to Seeing You All …..    Have a Blessed Week !!!      …..r

-Oct. 16, 2015-

Wow—Feels like Deer-Huntin Weather out there !
But I am not whining  ….   What a superb Fall Climate we have enjoyed ! !
I just wanted to share a couple of better-performance-cost-saving-Herbicide-Observations-Thoughts-Ideas….
**There are 15 – 30 choices and options when looing a combinations in ‘Programs’ …Most all work great if applied properly and you don’t get 2.3 – 4.8 inches of rain on it right away after application… this past spring
**Some ‘Programs’ cost 18 – 30 cents on the Dollar compared to some newer chemistries getting all the press.
**Some of the lesser-cost-per-Acre ‘programs’ perform as well or better than the check-book-busters
**Fall-App is a great idea ….   Nobody gets by with 1 App-Season anymore …unless he gets a perfect appln on and then gets caught in a draught right away…..??
**You can make your App after a ‘Killing-Frost’ …no problem. You like to see a green target for ‘Contact-Kill’ products ….  not necessary for ‘Residual’ products. Of course this appln is most effective before that top-soil is frozen hard.
**Some well-respected-older-great-performing-Chemistries are now such a ridiculous ”Days P.H.I.’ that we actually have to make the Appln in the Fall….some have 180 da.PHI….some have pretty difficult ”Cut-Off” Dates ….  And if we have obnoxious Spring-Scab-pressure, or brush in the way, we can run out of time in the legal-window.
**Many of you have had excellent results with seemingly very late Fall-applications….where you have had 2-3-4 freezes/frosts, and some snow, and yet after the snow melted, there is plenty of ‘Green-Target’ on which many/most of my fave product choices work extremely well.
**Any Paraquat use is better in the Spring-Summer when target-vigor is rockin…   Remember the old 3SL Formulations actually work at a 1-Qt/Ac-Rate….while the newer 2SLs have a 50% higher use-rate and always disappoint 93% of you …. they just don’t do it….If you have that one on the shelf, you’re likely using at 2 Qts-Acre. And a bunch of you tell me the BNRs down the street are more$$per gallon for the weak-non-performing Formula ??? You have shown me your calculations that my original 3Lb-Gal–3SL Paraquat is 1/2 the per-treated-acre-cost when comparing to the new 2Lb-product…. pretty cool.
**Any-All Glyphosate-generic-RoundUp choices are extremely Un-recommended….  too may horror stories…tree damage. You don’t need glyphosate in most any orchards at anytime nowadays…ever …just my opinion.
Options to consider ……
My Faves in Order:   Avg-per-Acre-Rate:  Approx Cost-Treated-Ac:
Simazine 4L                    2-3 Qt                       $9.00 – 14.00
2-4,D-Amine                  2-3 Pint                       2.50 –  3.85
Diuron 80WDG             2-3 Qt                         12.00 – 18.00 [Not for all StoneFruit]
Aim                                  1 oz                                $4.60
Goal 2XL                        3-4 Pint                      25.00 – 35.00
Chateau                            8 oz                              $34
Matrix25DF                    4 oz                               $62
Alion                                 5 oz                               $60
…..For Non-Bearing …..
Clethodim2EC               8 oz.                             $2.50
~~~ When calculating Per-Orchard-Acre Cost you can normally take 35% of the per-treated-acre-cost mentioned above….that takes some pain away.
~~~ Always use your most dependable Tank-Mix-Helper with this Tank-mix…. **16-24 oz-per-100gal Indicate 5   ….Indicate 5 replaces all the other more pricey and cumbersome additives some guys get talked into. One product …   1–1.5 pint-per-100….. Add to Tank-Mix first….eliminates a bunch of hassle.
~~~ VitaZyme at 12-16 oz-treated-acre [$5.50-7.30] is a Smart Money thing to do … Every time-anytime you go into that weed-control-strip. Its about $2 per Treated-Orchard-Acre. This crazy-twice-fermented-super-juice works in the soil under the snow all winter long helping the favorable-soil-microbes attack undesirable fungal pathogens.
~~~ Give me a call or email reply if you have a specific weed-target-issue …or want to look at my favorite-comprehensive-Tank-Mix Combination-Partner-Rates & Total-per-Orchard-Acre-Costs
~~~ For other ”Non-Orchard” considerations, the Glyphosates are really really cheap right now…  You may want to consider your upcoming needs.
~~~    ~~~   ~~~   And I am once again asked to remind ya’ll of the Big L.C.D.S.F. Event coming up Nov-7th—3 weeks from tomorrow—Sat.-5pm—Raising Funds for the Tuition Fund at Trinity Lutheran Christian Day-School ….  Many young Families need this help to get in on the Christian Education for their Kids.  It’s a great Auction-Dinner-Party … very cool. Doors open at 5pm. K-C Hall—St. Vincent DePaul…Conklin…..
Call Nicole Umlor 616-970-0734 [] orMandi Garvey231-557-7118 [] for Tickets==$25-Person
The L.C.D.S.F. is a 501 [c]-3 NonProfit …with All proceeds going to the Tuition Fund. They really put on a great Dinner-Auction-Party.
  God is Great  ….    Beer is good  ….     Trump is a riot

-Sept. 18, 2015-

Hello to All from Fruit Ridge Avenue    ….
Many of our Grower Friends received seemingly beautiful AppleTrees from a PNW Nursery in early 2014 and enthusiastically planted them on some great sites and into some very respectable and irrigated support systems…. A very seriously prompt and professional performance by all.
From start to finish, the only aspect of the enterprise that didn’t fit was that PNW Nursery that sent those Fire Blight Dripping Trees to our Friends and Neighbors; a brand new strain of FireBlight never before found in Michigan… a strain totally resistant to cost-effective-Streptomycin. Most all of you are aware….you know who they are….and have since ordered your Trees elsewhere. And, If you are not aware, ask me.
Those ‘seemingly beautiful trees’ looked great until ‘Pink’ …when it was obvious their Pink was actually a Tan/LightBrown….  at which time immediate assessment and decisions needed to be made. The percentage of infected trees was so high, most Growers made the tough call to get them all out and destroyed and replaced….  a huge loss of production time—huge money spent on labor intensive-manual-replanting into the System….a very long list of additional un-deserved out-of-pocket-Costs; all thanks to that one PNW Nursery.
And Michigan Growers are not alone….Some NY and PA Growers also are now dealing with the same brand-new-Strain of Strep-Resistant FireBlight….a Fiscal Travesty for so many.
One of our Grower Pals in the Hart-Shelby area made the decision to Save-Salvage ….  He immediately applied emergency counter-attack rates of CS2005 [44oz-ac] and Regalia[32 oz-ac] and FormulaII-SW [44 oz-ac] and kept doing a Cover-per-week right on up & thru Harvest time…. All 3 products being 0 Da.PHI.
He removed and burned all the trees that were obviously not going to make it….  which was apprx 24% of the Planting.
These 3 products have also been a huge part of his program this 2015 Season.
Its also interesting to note that FireBlight is as fierce a Bacterial Disease in Apples as the Grapes and Blueberries and Cherries Guys contend with in their production …….And very similar successes are being enjoyed there as well.
Blessings on Your Harvest    ….r

-Aug. 25, 2015-

Hello All,
The weather is trying a little bit harder to behave lately …  nice little shower … cooled down a bit….Altho the wind is a bit rambunctious here right now.
Sat.PM I visited with a Distributer Pal in Yakima WA area….   They are harvesting like crazy trying to keep up with a Apple Crop that is 13-15 days ahead of the avg-normal.
He said the smoke is bad from all the Fires they are dealing with in that general area …. No blue skies… and the Sun is only a orange ball trying to show thru the smoke.
Also their Wine Grapes are 32 days ahead of avg-normal based on the daily Brix Tests…..
He also wanted to be sure we had plenty of CS2005 for his Growers as so many have switched out of the traditional sludge coppers into the new systemic CS2005. Their Grape Guys and Apples and Pears and Stone Fruit Growers are all really impressed with CS2005…..sounds like they need a bunch for post-harvest-apps.
Linda and I attended the North East Fruit Consultants Orchard Tour & Field Day late last week… in Massachusetts….on the edge of the Berkshires. Pretty nice.
They are working a FireBlight Trial with a dozen different Bactericides and Combo’s  ….MagnaBon Frankie jumped in with his Protocol and CS2005 product and $$$ …..All really looks good. The NEFCON Associates will be gathering final Data in about 5 weeks….  I confidently await some more very encouraging numbers. It sure has been going crazy in N.Y. & PA. for Bacterial Diseases in all crops —Stone Fruit–Small Fruit –Apples–Pears–Vegetables–All the above.
—A rather interesting factoid–from the NEFCON-Mass.Folks….  They made some serious attempts to flare ERMs with Warrior and MustangMax …. with no ERM Population Flare….
—OK–One more high-light …  From 1 of the Orchard Sites we were at,we could see over 200 miles away….  so cool.
The Summer Diseases are still energized & determined to make a mess all over your hard work. Smart Money is keeping a low-medium-1 Qt.Acre-rate Regalia in the Tank with a high-test-pure-virgin-grade-Phosphorous-based FoliarPhosPhite @ 3 Pint-Acre.
And…The Smart Money guys that did their ‘walking’ first, are also ‘running’ a Pint of CS2005 where they deem prudent. Alicandro says you have to walk before you run with that…
You heard about their new block on agr.assistance Tour that on Aug.5th had 14 Apps of CS2005 and has no russet or finish issues….   and no Fire-Blight, which is why they were doing this Weekly-CS2005-Application to start with.
The old standby Captan is a pretty darn OK/good choice for SB/FS & Pinpoint/Pinhead…. just be very careful around any oil-based and silicone products.
     In the last 20-30 years we have seriously looked at, and played with, and used at least 15 different ”FoliarPhosPhites” …  Especially those that had the lowest ‘per-acre-cost’  … which was really exciting as we were still mourning our gouged check-books due to the original ‘phosphite’ …with the wettable-powder-aluminum-carrier… good grief, today that same phite-choice is over $70-ac….?? right now??
Anyway…  the cleanest most pure and ”effective-in-all-categories’‘ Phite I have ever found has *more Nutrients and *BioStimulant and *SytemicActivity than any other and *no EPA-Fungicide-Bactericide-Label …and it Tank-Mixes with everything our Smart Money Guys want it to. Have you ever really read the Label on the old original with the aluminum in it?? It barely tank-mixes with itself. That’s why I always like to expound on our fave products and our tank-mixes.
****    Formula II-SW 00-28–25–4SW    ****   3 Pt – ac. – $10.78    ****
This hot-humid clime of late has not only caused SunBurnScald concerns, but it makes for loose fruit. Any Hail or Insect injured fruit will ripen and drop early, creating high levels of ethylene hanging around in the orchard thereby causing more and earlier pre-harvest-drop.
The Refine 3.5WSG [NAA] from FineAmericas is a new premium ”DF”  ….  a water soluble granule formulation …No dust…easy measure….and keeps the same traditional 10ppm=4 oz. per 100 g.Water. A great new product that saves you serious ‘NAA’ money …  from the FineGuys—the Same Fine Guys that bring us *Blush *ExilisPlus *Kudos *Perlan *Novagib *FalGro *Motivate …  all excellent products that have saved our Growers a ton of money. Refine has a 2 Da.PHI.
The ‘Gala’ PreHarvest Stem-End-Fruit-Splitting thing  ….  some comments I snagged from Jeff Alicandros …
*  …clearly worse with certain strains of Gala
*  …almost always worse in the larger fruit
*  …seemingly worse when you get big rains towards harvest time
*  …Retain seems to reduce the problem….?? maybe not every time….??
*  …Results from Calcium Apps are hugely variable
*  …No positive results from either RainGard or Raynox pre-harvest Apps… -0-zero.
Stay Safe   …..r

-Aug. 19, 2015-

Greetings from Fruit Ridge Avenue  ….   I’m hoping all is well with Your Season as we approach the Harvest.
*****Alicandro Aug.5 Tour HighLights….   It was Great to Some of you All there !!
~~~Jeff was expounding on some Trial Results at Stop #2…. in front of over 300 Growers….  with a new young High-Density Block in back of him. And in his oration he mentioned a very scary storm—a Fire-Blight-High-Risk-Event close to 3 months back in that beautiful new Orchard. he Grower promptly went in with CS2005 plus Regalia….every week….   Applied 14 weeks straight….Block had 14 Apps CS2005 Systemic Cu.Fungicide/Bactericide…and no sign of FireBlight and no sign of any Russet. No Fruit Finish issues. Fruit looked nice. This sounds familiar to several of you guys.
~~~Jeff had lots of nice things to say about virtually all the FineAmericas Products….the Refine[naa] ad Motivate[ethephon] for ReturnBloom….Perlan for FruitSet…ExilisPlus for Thinning-Sizing….and Blush for helping to Color-Up bi-color-Varieties. As many of you all understand, Jeff Alicandro buys and sells No Products — Zero. He only researches the daylights out of a long list of different products, and then tells us what he likes due to the Trial Results. He really likes Fine because of the huge money Fine saves the Growers.
~~~Our Pals from CultivaIPM had reason to grin…as the ParkaPlus trial on WayneCounty-NY-Sweets looked crazy good compared to the other 2 popular choices. PPlus had very little cracking after big rain at the perfectly wrong time, while the others had cherries nearly turned inside out.
The PomCho is also being looked at there at agr.assistance. My prelim guess…???  I think PomCho is gonna be huge….like the Trial Results from ‘Reality-Research-Butch Palmer & Crew’   …from the last 2 years….  very very impressive.
~~~Marrone Regalia looked very good. Marrone ‘Grandevo’ is coming in a new ‘DF’ for 2016….  Thank You Lord!!
~~~Some very good things were reported on Stimplex. I am going to work on better positioning for RGSs on that product …to promote and recommend to ya’ll. Some of you remember 15-20 years back when that was called Acadian Liquid Seaweed Extract. We were using 1 Pint/Acre 6 – 8 times per Season @ $2 – $3 per App. We sold 2 – 3 – 4 TLs per Season….   2×2.5s—55g.Bbls–Totes ….  good stuff.
~~~VitaZyme continues to score very high marks at Alicandros…   There is no generic…no ‘look-alike’ …  no ‘same-as’ … There just simply isn’t. VitaZyme continues to be the most talked about and most recommended BioStimulant in history. Nothing compares. Some BNR Reps have claimed to have something ‘same-as’ …or better-than. Their ”imposter” is always more per-acre-cost and always delivers -0-”zero” pay-back.
VitaZyme continues to be available here – RGSs – at less cost than anywhere in the world…..  $7- $8 per acre at 1 Pt Rate. Also prudent to mention that we should not consider SeaWeed Extract and VitaZyme to be similar or the same….  very very not.
~~~Cornell was there—-  Said some nice things about several of our Fave Products.
~~~Some Honorable Mentions….  AvianBird Control and also Curtec-of-Florida
~~~Agr.Assistance is continuing more and more trials on more and more Brandt Products…. Lookn Good.  We really like Brandts stuff….  have for 30 years.
~~~The CalciumNitrate 15.5-0-0-19Ca.from YARA… Jeff says should be your ‘N’ of choice.  SpoonFeed…. Fast… 19% Calcium…N readily available… very fast. My own thot is that ‘N’ is way over-done….and the Cal.Nitrate is the best choice 99% of the time… and when you calculate the 19% soluble Calcium you get with it, it is a bargain compared to other ‘N’ options. New research totally disproves the old ”N is N” b.s. I grew up with.
RGS doesn’t sell Cal.Nitrate, but we can. If you think you’re gettn ripped off…??  I’ll check on it again….let me know. We don’t like getting into products on which we cannot save you any money.
~~~The agr.assistance Crew did a truly exceptional job with the ClamBake…  Just ridiculous. In talking with some Manfr’s from the West Coast, I heard one say he has never seen anything like this Tour-Event…  He said he knows of nobody in the business that could duplicate the Alicandro Tour.
Hmmm….   I’m guessing there’s likely a consensus on that.
******  I see there’s some just-published Harvest-Dates-Predictions from Amy & Phil….   I’ll take a look at how those relate to your Blush Appln’s and send a separate Fruit Ridge Notes asap.
God is Great  ….   Beer is good…..   and Trump is a riot !!

-Aug. 10, 2015-

Hello to All !!
Another huge Thanks to All of You that could break away to join us at the July 24th Fruit Ridge Fest ….   That was Fun! We have had several great Comments and Feedback on the whole gig….   ‘Elvis’  …the Prime-Rib…   all went very well. Lookn forward to next years.
We are hearing some encouraging news from some Blues Boys…   with the ‘Fresh’ price at $19 Flat…   pretty nice. I’m not sure on the ‘process’ price. One guy just said its ugly.
And we hear some more ugly news from last nights Storm ….big winds…  picked a bunch of fruit. Some Cherry Guys north of here had trees tipped over and several road-closures due to trees down. There are a bunch of power-lines and poles down. Some Cherry Guys have no Well-Water for Cooling-Pads….   pretty ugly deal.
I expect to hear some good news [hopefully] from the BluGuard users soon …?? After the 2 weeks of dry weather and then a significant rain, there is normally plenty of ‘shatter’ …. or cracking… of the biggest prettiest mature fruit…..  makes a mess….hurts the pack-out %% pretty bad.
BluesBoys with Elliott’s are getting the BluGuard on now….unless the Crop is just to ugly.
The Avian is really working great. We are seeing evidence that the Birds indeed remember from last year, and maybe the year before… which Guys used the AvianControl product….    which is what Jon Stone-Avian told us his researchers said would happen….??  Some of you remember Jon making that claim at our Winter Meetings. I had a very animated excitable gittrredunn type Sweet Cherry Grower Friend tell me ….  ”It’s almost like they forgot that I’m here.” He is notorious for the CedarWaxWings befriending him as their favorite host…  but he claims he chased them out successfully this Season. He says …”You just need to get it on early enuf.” This Guy has tried all the tricks to minimize losses because of Birds…  but now believes Avian is the best tool for the investment.
If I’m a BluesGrower, this SWD thing is ruining my life…..and now also for some Cherry Growers. It has become epidemic in the Tarts west of Traverse City.
Oregon State researchers found that elevated Calcium Levels makes firmer Fruit and the SWDs find it much harder to damage your fruit when its firmer.
We have some awesome Foliar Calcium choices. BluesBoys are hammering these options listed here….
*Hero – $4 < $10 Ac…Depends on your choice of Rates [4-10oz]
*MustangMaxx $4
*Imidan $14          ….are the most popular choices.
Of course the ”very expensive” most aggravating aspect of these SWDs is the multiple Apps ….every 5-6-7 days….on and on…Labor & Equipment….   just awful.
If you do Organic Production, consider ”ORO_Boost” for SWDs …    40 oz-ac-in 40 ga.water  ….   50 50 ga.water. Most all the Organic Guys are also using Grandevo.
This has been an obscene year for disease control issues ….  just plain awful. I’d like to make a personal request of you guys that are keeping the low-cost-highly-effective low-rates of CS2005 [0 da.PHI] in your Tank-Mix all Season ….to please tell your Blues-Grower-Friends-Neighbors about your results. I’ll buy you a Beer….and they will too!!
CS2005 is also OMRI-Certified.
Talk Soon ….r

-July 20, 2015-

Hello Orchardist Friends …
We hope your week got off to a great start !!  It wasn’t raining here this AM !!!!
Our pal Jeff Alicandro mentions the Great North-East U.S. Rain-Forest …..   We are obviously part of that.
For Disease Control help in these parts we need a prolonged dry and sunny day stretch …. like 12-15 in a row….??
Remember that Captan is the ”Foundation of our Secondary-Scab-Control-Program” …and your Seasonal Limit is 40 lbs per Acre of the Cap80WDG…..  32 lb.-acre-A.I. 
Alternate adding – Merivon and InSpireSuper and Indar to the Captan-Tank-Mix for optimum results….  $Ouch$  !
I’ve had 2 Customers mention to me that they do not trust the Merivon and the Inspire with the Captan??? They’re wondering if those combo’s brot them more fruit-finish problems…??   Of course they are not certain of that…..but suspicious. But there is so much of that rotation of tank-mixes going on in the Great Lakes-N.E.-U.S. right now, I feel in less than 2 months we will have some fairly solid input/feedback …??  My guess is that if there’s any chance of an issue with that, MSU Phil or Jeff agr.assistance will find it….and let us know. I personally think the cold nights — frosty nights we endured several weeks back is likely the problem with the russeting.
Our Pal Jeff also reiterates it always costs much less to control Primary Scab early Spring with 2 Protectant-Applns-Week.
I know many of you do this successfully with ‘Alternate-Center’ applns up-to and thru Bloom. If your Sprayer is old and suspect, you likely shouldn’t do that…??? But most of you gittrrdunn successfully when you don’t get to crazy with your rates.
History dictates we should also expect fruit-finish-issues when battling secondary scab using the full arsenal…  Its just been one ugly disease-pressure Season.
This Friday is our annual ‘Fruit Ridge Fest’ !! Hopefully you can be here by 3 or 4 pm —- Dinner is 5 – 7 pm…  It will be huge fun….  Great Food ala Kernel Conran and the DeeTeam….      Michigan Beers and Wines ala Ron … 
Lots of very cool Prizes for our active Grower-Customers …Prizes all Thanks to our Fave Vendors ….Coming in from Far & Wide. 
The following is a list of our generous
Manufacturer–Vendor Friends–Starting with the Platinum, then Gold Sponsors and Silver and Bronze Levels ….
   ”Eric & Coreen Massey Family Patriot Fund”  
**MarroneBio Innovations–Jim Colitas          FineAmericas–Jim Kruger          MagnaBon–Frank Miele   
**RedoxAG Chem–Eric Massey-Agronomist         CustomAG Formulators–Mike Williams-Patrick Murray
**ORO-Agri–Mike Slade           CultivaIPM–Sean Musser             Brandt Consolidated–Brian Swanson
**AgBio-Tec–Bob Hudak        AvianControls–Jon Stone      Soil-Plant Solutions–Tom Justman
**Clark Insurance–Joe & Jim 
**ChoiceOne Bank
 Also ….   Plsease remember the Wayne County NY Fruit Growers Research Tour ala the
Alicandros–Agr.Assistance  —  the Jeff & Lindsay Team
Aug.5th — Wednesday — 2 Weeks+2 days hence
Thanks to All ….   Blessings on Your Week ….   Hoping to See You Friday…..r

-July 18, 2015-

Greetings Friends …  Scheeesch it sure rains easy !!  We got a real pounder here at Fruit Ridge and 17 Mile again this AM.


Of course the Insects and Diseases really appreciate all of the Protectant Pesticides getting washed off down into the sod.

There are still several battles being waged against secondary Scab….and of course the Summer Diseases.

Remember there are 8 or more Diseases that the Experts tell us to stay ahead of during this Time-Frame.


Young Blocks–Fire Blight susceptible–Just wanted to get you an update on that disaster last Spring-2014 when the dastardly nursery from the PNW sent several of you beautiful new trees that you did a great job of getting into an awesome System with the support and irrigation ….really beautiful… just to see them come with ‘tan’ instead of ‘pink’ Fruit-Flower-Buds at Open Cluster–with the entire block going up in flames ….

Now….Remember our pal Caleb on 88th Ave. up by New Era with a sweet new block of those same trees??   …From that same Nursery???   …with that same brand new strain of 100% Strep-Resistant FireBlight that they so kindly sent us ….?  a Strain brand-new-to Michigan ??

OK, so ….Caleb jumped into a Weekly Appln of the Tank-Mix = *44 oz-Ac. CS2005 plus *44 oz.-Ac. FormulaII-SW plus *32 oz-Ac.Regalia ….every week. Last Fall he reported 75% good healthy Trees  ….  In a conversation 2 weeks back, the success rate is still 75%.


We have all heard popular Researchers share trial results over and over again of several BioStimulants and Nutritionals. One of my favorites, and seemingly yours as well based on the number of subscribers he now has in Michigan receiving the, is Jeff Alicandro. We have noted that Jeff reminds his readers about using VitaZyme more than he reminds them of any other product for any other purpose in Apple production. Alicandro told me several years ago to get going with VZ…I am still thanking him for that.

So I get these Newsletters from VZ Manufr — VitalEarth — and recently took a few minutes to look at their latest 2014 Apple Trial Results in other Regions… Central Washington ….  Chile,SA., others, all done by big names…   some huge Growers involved….like Gebbers. And its the same thing all over again …  Varieties like Gala, Fuji, Red Dels, Ambrosia….  and going up against some very popular widely used products….   like Stimplex … or, more often than not just comparing to the ‘Grower Standard’ …  Take a peek at when you get a sec….

* 40% ‘Premium’ Grade – WA.State Best – compared to 19% ‘GrowerStandard

* 33%           ”                                 ”                         ”               15%               ”

* Yield Increase Avg  18%  ….   22% in some Varieties

* Huge Increase in Brix in some Trials… 1.221 P.Pts on the Refractometer

* 10% size Increase

* 20% Weight Increase

* 14% Increased Pressure

* The Chileans say they get 32% more Fruit Picked with the 1st Harvest-Picking…. not having to leave so many for 2nd-Picking due to lack of Color…and claim similar results as above….from Central WA.

Also note that the WA.State ‘Premium’ is their Best-Fanciest. The worst Grade they Pack is the U.S.ExtraFancy. Their VZyme Trials and commercial use is moving huge piles of Fruit into that Premium category.

You maybe also will do the math and see they are spending nearly twice the Dollar$ per acre on their Stimplex Apps compared to VZ…. ???   I’m basing that on their per-acre-rates and using our Michigan Product costs….   We supply Michigan VZ at a lower cost than anywhere in the world.

Here — Michigan Apples — You might consider a 1 Pt-Ac.Appln now and another 2-3 weeks prior to harvest. That cost-acre== $7.35 / app.


Quite a bit of discussion in the last several weeks about Captan80 and some Fruit-Finish-Russet Issues….??  Some NY Guys say they will never ever use the ”RedEagle” brand Captan again….??  Not sure what to think as I ask around….because some of the Captans are the same EPA-Est. Formulators-Packagers  ….  If you go to your website…. and look up the various Cap80’s…. Check***AgriStar ***Loveland Industries ***RedEagle and you see the Est.Number CHN-001 which means those come from China. You check out the EPA-Est.Numbers  51036-GA-001 and 19713-GA-001 and 37429-GA-002 and you will see *MicroFlo *Arysta *MANA *Drexel. I am told that those are made here in SouthEast U.S. Some guys see russet from the same brand of 80WDG that the next Grower claims is the cleanest. I do not know.

I do know that I haven’t and I don’t ever recommend any Oils of any kind ever….No summer Oils….none. There is no need for any…ever. There are simply to many great options now that do not cause any problems.


Hope to See You All the 24th —  Next Friday —  3 – 8 pm —  Fruit Ridge Fest  — Dinner 5-7p  —  Just look for the Big Tent!


God is Great  ….     Beer is good

……Warm Beer no so much…..r

-June 24, 2015-

Hey Blues & Cherries Grower Friends  ….


The winged-invasion is underway.


We are making a ‘Special-Run’ south tomorrow with more AvianControl. We just went that way and took Avian to some guys yesterday in the SW Corner.

Also—- Our regular-planned run North is also happening tomorrowwith a bigger truck.


Please advise of your needs…..   Loading Trucks early tomorrow AM.   


Blessings on Your Harvest.

-June 22, 2015-

Good Morning BlueBerry Grower Friends  …..


As I am starting this Note, it’s 11 am and the Radar looks a bit ominous…..    


Some Timely Reminders  …


****Avian Bird Control product …available in 1 gallons, 2.5gals., 15ga.Kegs, 30ga.Drums, 55ga.Bbls., and 275ga.Totes. There’s a significant pricing variation between package-sizes.

A 100 Ac.Grower with a Crop good enuf to bring to Market, and also with Bird Issues, will likely use apprx 4-4.5Pints-Acre Total = with 2 Applns on all acreage, and 3 applns on almost all acreage, and spend apprx $50 – $55 Total per Ac. for the Season…averaging apprx $18-acre per app on his 100 acres.

The price difference per gallon between the 30g.Drum and the 55g.Bbl. is $10.50…..  so a Barrel can save that 100 ac.Guy $577 when compared to the 30g.Dr. per-gal.Price.

These cost-factors based on ”the Plan”  …   **2 Pints when the Birds are about to invade ….    **1.5 Pints a few days later or after that 1st App gets rain washed off ….. and **1.5 Pints 10-14 days after the second appln.

       There are dozens of ”’Tried & Failed”’ Bird-Repellant-Control type products …. Sprays and Mechanical … You’ve all seen them fail at the neighbors, and some you have tried yourself, as have I. There just simply aren’t any that actually consistently work, and there are none that can be done so fast and easy with a Foliar Appln, while leaving no residue or funny taste on Fruit ….      Avian is most assuredly the only Bird-Repellent-Control product I have ever seen that really consistently gets us the results we are paying for.


****Good questions and feed-back referencing the new BluGuard. I always appreciate your comments and opinions.

The best timing on that 1st Appln  ….  ”When the first mature fruit is vulnerable to cracking.”  …  is what works best….exactly what the Manufr says. That can typically be when you see 10%  blue fruit.

Coverage is huge important. Use 2 Qt – 50gal.Water-Acre

If you crawl and then walk before you try to run with it….you can try a TankMix with some other Pesticides with it, but be very careful. Remember, Fresh-Pack-Blues normally don’t get washed. You can use certain products with BluGuard but some others may leave a visible residue. The Manufr… CultivaIPM Group, likes to see a specific Appln for BluGuard…..      But you need to run thru again with another 2 Qts apprx 1 week after the 1st Appln. So a special-trip-application may not be feasible every time….??  If needed, select a Pesticide that doesnt turn the tank-mix-solution totally white, and then use the low-medium recommended rate. Products we see successfully going into the tank with a BluGuard App….

****Insecticides…    *Grandevo[0 Da.PHI]     *MustangMaxx[1 Da.PHI]    *Hero[1 Da.PHI]     *Imidan[3 Da.PHI]

****Fungicides  …    *CS2005[0 da.PHI]     *Regalia[0 da.PHI]        *Quash[7da.PHI]      *Phites??? ***??    ….yes, Phites.[0 Da.PHI]

***??   You need to make your ”Phite” selection carefully. I love Phites. You may remember from Winter Meetings …  ”Even a ‘Junk-Phite’ in the tank is better than no phite.”  Most EPA-Reg’d Phites are labeled for a long-list of Diseases in Blues. The original Phite was Aliette. But because of its aluminum carrier and its ridiculous per-acre cost I highly Un-Recommend it.  I Un-Recommend the original phite every time all the time. If you’ve ever read the label and have used it, and then read the invoice, you understand that….and because of that invoice, you’ll likely not forget that.

Some Phites use junk-Phos in their formulation, instead of all of the very costly 99.9% pure Virgin Grade Phosphorous, thereby degrading the efficacy of the systemic-fungicidal activity ….   so, it’s still great nutritional, just not the best efficacy on Bacterial and Fungal Pathogens.

So, to employ all of the attributes Phites are famous for, and get a great ”P” and ”K” bump, use the Nutritional-Labeled, not epa labeled –Formula I Foliar Phosphite, or the FormulaII-SW [SW=SeaWeed] both made with the pure virgin-grade good stuff.….  and at 30% – 70% less $$$-per-Acre cost than some of the epa registered phites. My Phites like riding along with BluGuard anytime-everytime.


****As you approach the Harvest, remember the SWD issues with the best Insecticides selection. Try to save your 1 da. and 3 Da. PHI choices for during Harvest. That said, I have never seen anyone run out the Seasonal-Legal-Limit of the best available 1 Day or 3 Day product choices ….  I cant imagine a scenario when you’d even come close ….   unless for some unusual reasoning, a guy was trying to….  ???


Well, its 3.30p now ….after several calls and Walk-In-Customers, and a huge deluge of rain, I think I am finished.


No Hail of radically bad winds here …..     Have a Blessed Week ….  r

-June 20, 2015-

Happy Saturday Morning Friends ….


Here is a short memo for some clarifications-answers for your questions & replies to my Thursday FRNotes-Cherries ….

I very much appreciate your concerns-questions-comments—and will always keep it anonymous as per our understanding.


**** the ”Phites”  ….   Yes —  Several are Labeled in Michigan as Fungicides-Bactericides for Cherries to help control *Powdery and *Downy Mildew, *Rhizoctonia, *Pythium, *Fusarium, and *Phytophthoras. The most common rates we see recommended are 2 Pint – 6 Pint per acre….  with 4 hr REI and Zero [-0-] Days PHI.

Phites are labeled by EPA as Fungicides-Bactericides for apprx 150 crops over-all, and there are apprx 65 products that can be called ‘Phites’ …Ref:  ‘ Search’  … and all use, at varying %% formulating levels, the 99.9% Pure Virgin-Grade-Phosphorous Acid. That is the ingredient supplying the systemic-disease-control-activity. The Phites that cut that pricey A.I. with fertilizer grade Phos are those that cause you grief in your tank-mix and on occasion some Phyto.

Aliette is the original Phite [35 years ago???] is a wettable powder and is made with an aluminum product for a carrier for some reason…. and is labeled in MI. for various disease-targets on 80 differenr crops and for ‘Non-Bearing’ Cherries. You’ll notice it’s labeled on most-all Stone-Fruits for Non-Bearing applns, at a cost of $68.75-acre….  some retailers are pricing it much higher than that. Other ‘Look-Alikes’ for Aliette are *Fosetyl-AI80, *Legion, *LineBacker   …….  but may be labeled quite differently… like for Flowers and shrubs–etc.

Our Nutritional-Labeled Phite ”Formula I” is made with all 99.9% Pure-Virgin-Grade [no fertilizer-phos or cheap-phos-by-products] and also with a Potassium Hydroxide giving us a 00-29-26 Foliar Nutritional. OurFormula II-SW is the same thing but with the SeaWeed Extract added, giving us a 00-28-25+SW……   3 Pints-Acre=$10.78 cost.


**** CS2005 Systemic Fungicide-Bactericide from MagnaBon  …  Yes I got that report …the Trial Results from a Cherry-Leaf-Spot Study done by MSU up at the NW Station. Yes my CS2005 finished last but we somehow only used 1/12th of the labeled rate. You guys using CS2005 successfully for 5 years now have been going with 1 Qt-40 gal.Water in the 1st and 2nd Applns–early Season…  at 1st Green-SwollenBud. Then you have kept it in the Tank-Mix at 12-16 oz-acre for 2-3 more Apps.

But in the Trials we somehow only used 1.75 Pint in 300 gal. Water-per-acre-equiv. I am very surprised it did as well as it did at that low-ppm.

One of my old industry friends works for the Manufr of a competitive product, and recently shared the results of the N.W. Michigan study which had his product finishing way ahead of my CS2005, sharing with a large group of Apple Guys…..  so I am Ccg some of them with this as well.


**** Yup—— That’s the place to clic-around when you get a few moments….  Agrian tells you all about the older chemistries that I like …and are still labeled for what you are doing here in Michigan. You need to be careful of certain ‘Look-Alikes’ that may indeed be the same exact A.I., but are not labeled in MI., or are labeled only for Ornamentals ….   or RailRoad-Right-of-Ways ….etc. We can get the job done with excellent end-results with much lower per-acre costs. Always remember that sourcing these $2 – $3 – $5 – $7 per acre products is your job and mine. I seriously expect the big-national-retailer-sales-reps to sell what their Procurement and Sales Managers-Bosses tell them to sell.


**** The reason I did not mention ParkaPlus is because we are all sold out. We did get a bunch of product out there this year. As you know last year wasn’t much of a test year for ParkaPlus because it never rained at that critical point in time to cause any serious cracking on the Sweets….but the last 8 years of Trials in the PNW and B.C. have been pretty amazing.


Ooopps   …Memo not as ‘short’ as I intended ….


Blessings on Your WeekEnd ……r

Greetings from 14050 Fruit Ridge Ave ….


Pretty crazy…. Normally we think we’re done with Primary around 1050-1100 DDs ….  Right now—strangely —we are not positively sure yet at 1500 DDs ….  Crazy Spring.

Plenty of Scab in the State…. Several guys doing big rates Capt80WDG – 2 Alt-Centers-Week.


Most Apple Guys are reporting Fair–Pretty Good Crop….with some light spots.

NY had some serious crop-reducing-Frosts……and they have Frost-Related-Fruit Russet all over the place. It sounds like their crop is about like Michigan across-the-board-avg…


Here in the Ridge there are only a few flares of FireBlight.

We have seen rescue rates of FormulaI or FormulaII-SW tank-mixed with rescue-rate 2.5 to 3 pints of CS2005 and low-rate 1 Qt Regalia stop F.B. in the past.


Normally the ”1-2-3” Trick keeps PowderyMildew at insignificant levels… like zero … and so with all the other Summer Diseases as well…..

….  the   1 Pint CS2005   +  2 Pint Regalia  +  3 Pint FormulaII-SW[Nutritional Label Phite]  ….

Formula II-SW deliver 28% Phosphorous + 25% Potassium + the SeaWeed Extract.


Using 16 – 24 oz.-Acre Grandevo keeps ERM counts way down. Grandevo is also labeled and effective on a lengthy list of other pests. Reports received from several of you last summer,  that did the 1lb. rate 3  times had success with that.


Some new and young blocks have soggy feet right now. There are some easy inexpensive remedies for those issues.

About 12 years back I watched a good Grower here – Ridge – Apply 3 Qt. NutriPhite Magnum FoliarPhosPhite as a regular Foliar Appln…..   3 times …8-10 da apart.

All of the sick-yellowing trees came back to dark-green-health. There were no special effort antics….  No crown-directed-sprays….   just simply doing Foliar Applns.

And 2 of those 3 trips he was going anyway, with his Insecticide and Fungicide Apps.

At that time the NutriPhiteMagnum was the only phite made with 99.9% Pure Virgin Grade PhosphorousAcid and we had to source it thru a BNR[big national retailer]. Now the only Phite I can find made with that pure recipe is the FormulaII-SW or the Formula I.


Young-New-Trees ???    Adding CS2005 Systemic Cu.Fungicide-Bactericide at a 16-20 oz-ac-rate-equiv to any-every trip thru the block is Smart-Money.


The OBLR and OFM and SJS all seem to be on target as to DDs and in step with your Apple Pest Guide Chart  — Pg.78–E-154-Fruit Management Guide-MSU.


Pls be sure your Calendar is noted for our Annual Fruit Ridge Fest —FridayJuly 24 – Lots of Fun – Great Food – Icy Cold Beverages – Prizes – Classic Cars & Tractors – Visit with our Fave Vendors-Manufacturer-Pals from all over the Country ….  Please join us….around 3.304 pm….Dinner 5p – 7p  …I’m thinkn some pretty fun entertainment too…..   That’s 5 weeks from yesterday.

Alicandros WayneCounty NewYork Research Tour is Wedn-Aug.5th ….   Always worth the trip.


Blessings on Your WeekEnd….r




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