VitaZyme Field Trial Results

Guys—-Please click HERE for the trial results.

You will find a big bunch of work done right near you…. Huge increases in *size *quality* brix *firmness/pressure  — etc — All the attributes that collectively make for more tonnage of A-Grade-Marketable Fruit and Vegetables ….  Trials quite likely in your back yard​…… maybe by people you know.

 ​Don’t get sucked in by some new voodoo-miracle-snake-oil that makes a lot of claims and charges all the money and yet has no real viable certifiable proven Trial Data for you. VitaZyme has been proven year after year after year…. for 15-20 years….  and offers you thousands of Trials-Results….  with a pile of on-going research by renowned Researchers.

Common Use-Rates of VitaZyme in Fruits and Vegetables == 12 – 16 oz Ac…. 3 – 4 – 5 applns–Season.

Avg cost per Full Season Use …   $28.75 per Season. Vegie Guys on the lighter side of the rates…..

TreeFruit Guys avg 1 pint/Acre–4 or 5 apps.

Blueberry and Grape guys normally go 1 Pint – 3 – 4 Apps.

 Please look at this …..   It will ​only take a few ​minutes.

 ​If you have a neighbor that is doing a few hundred acres, and you have seen us delivering products in Totes to him…???   It’s probably **VitaZyme and **CS2005 and **FormulaII-SW​           …VitaZyme TankMixes with everything.


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