Reister’s Grower Services = Highest Quality for Less Money!!

Ron Reister, CCA, and owner of Reister’s Grower Services, loves what he does and he does it well.  He works hard to bring you the highest quality, best preforming products available for your crop management and he does it at a savings that will surprise you.  The products endorsed and sold by Reister’s are backed up by years of research as well, so you can be confident that they stand up to their claims.  A few examples of these amazing products are:

Magna-Bon CS2005 ~ the ONLY systemic copper fungicide on the market today.           Ridge Formula II SW ~ THE only foliar phosphite available which contains acadian cold         processed seaweed.  Made in the USA                                                                          PGR’s from Fine Americas ~ for thinning, fruit set, coloring, etc.                            

See the “Product Info” page for much more information about these products.  Go to the “Links” page to check out the manufacturer’s websites where you will find research data, labels, and more.  Always feel free to give Ron a call as well!  616-678-7706

We look forward to serving you!

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